New Captive on Our Site! Handsome Guy Stanislav. Part I.

The Master gave a new assignment to his Assistant. He must to train and make obey his new captive - handsome guy Stanislav. 

New Set! Soldier Misha. Part I.

Soldier Misha was caught in a mission and delivered to us for interrogation. We need to make him talk about his Military Unit location, his Commander and found out everything about his secret mission.

New Set! Interrogation of Robber Slava. Part II.

The second day of interrogation for Robber Slava included feet torture, like Tiger Bench and Bastinado. But there were still no confessions from him... 

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New Nude Set! New Slave Boris. Final Part.

To introduce Boris with all the pain practices which his Master uses, the waxing torture has been chosen as a final stage of his initiation. 

New Nude Set! Continue of the Plumber Story. Part I.

In our Slavery there are many slaves with different background stories. Now it's time to remember about former Plumber who has already been trained and ready for total submissiveness.But at first he needs to be totally shaved and cleaned up! 

New Nude Set! The Training of Slave Petr. Final Part.

The final stage of Petr's training session was the most awful thing that we ever invented. Petr's balls were tied to the legs spread bar and when he tried to unbend his legs he pulled them. To make Petr unbend his legs more often, Master applied some electricity. The training can be considered as successfull as the Master noticed the sweat of pain on Petr's torso.

New Set! Pizza Boy Matvey. Final Part.

On the third day, to maintain Matvey's body in a good shape, we ordered our Assistant to hang him by the wrists and perform physical workout as the next torture. 

New Captive on Our Site. Interrogation of Robber Slava. Part I.

Slava is suspected of committing a robbery. He was taken to our torture center for interrogation and confessions... 

New Nude Set! New Slave Boris. Part II.

Master treated to his new slave Boris with all the trepidation. He ordered his assistants to crucify him. But the wily plan of the master also included electrical torture. To make the suffering of Boris even more terrible, the Master sprinkled him with distilled water before torture. 

New Set! Thin Guy Anatoliy. Final Part.

Thin body of Anatoliy is very flexible and fits for any kind of stretching tortures. This time we've chosen arm-twisting for him. And of course we didn't forget about some flogging on his torso. Upcoming night Anatoliy spend being tortured in the most painful stressed position and then we'll make decision on his future fate. 

New Nude Set! The Training of Slave Petr. Part II.

On the second day of Petr's training we tied him up in shibari style again. But this time we used our new chains whip to flog him as hard as he can take it... 

New Set! Pizza Boy Matvey. Part II.

The next day in captivity for Matvey also didn't promise nothing good. It was the day of the corporal punisments including caning, bastinado and wax torture. 

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New Nude Set! A Buying of Slave Evgeniy. Final Part.

Because of disobedient behavior the punishments of Slave Evgeniy were continued. But after he experienced the electric pain in the most sensitive body parts he finally realized that submissiveness is his only way to avoid unbearable sufferings and deserve a mercy of his Master. 

New Nude Captive on Our Site! New Slave Boris. Part I.

Our Master is a true connoisseur of male beauty. However, he also knows a lot about tortures and pain. Every morning the best specimens of the new slaves are delivered to him for pleasure. Now it's Boris turn... 

New Set! Thin Guy Anatoliy. Part II.

As a continue we tied Anatoliy to the bed frame and tortured him by electricity. We checked out the sensitivity all of his body parts but especially the nipples, what made Anatoliy's thin body squirming of pain. 

New Nude Set! The Training of Slave Petr. Part I.

Do you remember our slave Petr?  It's been quite a long time ago. He tried to escape from us and was severely punished by Doctor. After this Doctor has developed a special protein diet for him. His muscles became much stronger. And it's time to train him again... 

New Captive on Our Site! Pizza Boy Matvey. Part I.

Matvey works as a pizza boy and delivers pizza in our neighbourhood. We spotted him for a very long time ago. He attracted our gazes because in a hot weather he always wears a tank top. We suspect he did it as he likes to catch admiring glances from people of both sexes. But today we instructed our assistant to catch Matvey himself. Of course, first of all, we ripped off his white tank top and make him undress down to underwear. Then we put on the clamps on his nipples. Now let's see how good his sporty body will be under physical activity... 

New Nude Set! A Buying of Slave Evgeniy. Part II.

The second pain experiences for Evgeniy were shibari style rope bondage, bastinado and flogging. Nevertheless Evgeniy still has quite disobedient behavior.