New Set! Bodybuilder Stepan in Slavery. Part II.

It's time to put Stepan back in his place. He's not allowed to show his character 'cause it would disappoint his Master. Anyway he's just a slave, a thing that should have bring joy by showing up his muscles and unquestioningly taking the punishments. 

New Captive on Our Site! Borrower Nikita. Part I.

Nikita borrowed a large amount of money from us. And on the day of payment he came without money. The only way to pay for him will be taking the pain from us to cover the debt. 

New Set! Soldier Maxim. Final Part.

For such uncooperative soldiers like Maxim we have a lot of pain practices. His young and slightly hairy body looks pretty attractive on the cross under flogging. Let's give Maxim a little break before the next tortures. 

New Nude Set! Sufferings of Artem Zakharov. Final Part.

The last torment invention for Artem Zakharov was based on the medieval torture device - the Horse. But it would be boring to watch Artem squirming only from one kind of pain. The Grand Master won't left in peace his recent favorite and this session wouldn't be the last for Artem...

New Captive on Our Site! Bodybuilder Stepan in Slavery. Part I.

It's been a long time since we bought the bodybuilders as the slaves for our Dungeon. And now at the private sale we've found a very interesting specimen. He's name is Stepan. After  preliminary inspection we've found out that Stepan has got a rebellious character. 

New Set! Crucifixion of Slave Zhenya.

One of our very first Slaves Zhenya is still in our Slavery and his thieving nature almost impossible to eradicate. But today the Master lost his tolerance and have punished Zhenya by the most cruelest way. 

New Set! Soldier Maxim. Part II.

Since Maxim has the good tolerance to pain we not going to hurry with changing interrogation techniques. This soldier needs to get an experience in every kind of torments we usually use for guys who have the secret information to reveal. 

New Nude Set! Sufferings of Artem Zakharov. Part II.

To implement the next torture invention of Grand Master Artem was hanged upside down with wide spread legs. Right over his genitals the candle was attached. Thus the hot wax pouring Artem's cock and balls. And of course the Master couldn't deny himself the pleasure of kick off the wax with the chain whip.

Flashback Set! Male Model Kirill. Final Part.

Before representing to the Customer slave Kirill needs to be hard trained and after presale preparation Kirill finally got a new owneress. 

New Set! From Home to the Dungeon. Final Part.

Despite squirming under pain and having all his body covered with whip marks and wounds Nikolai will never obey us. Keeping this in mind we don't obstruct his escape. 

New Captive on Our Site! Soldier Maxim. Part I.

Soldier Maxim was delivered to RCB torture center for interrogation. From the very first it was clear that soldier is not ready for collaboration. So he won't escape the pain! 

New Nude Set! Sufferings of Artem Zakharov. Part I.

Not many captives have been fortunate to deserve a rank of favorite slave of the Grand Master. But Artem Zakharov actually earned this honorary title for his endurance for pain and brilliant physical shape. Artem's just the slave to try all the new torturous inventions of the Master... 

Flashback Set! Male Model Kirill. Part II.

Electro torture, crucifixion, flogging and electro torture again but on the cross. Every single muscle on Kirill's body should spasmodically contract until almost rupture under electric impact and until the Master get the total submissiveness from Kirill! 

New Set! From Home to the Dungeon. Part II.

As after hours on the cross Nikolai still hasn't ready for obedience, we added the next stage in the slave training procedure. Usually electro tortures are very efficient for slave's behavior correction. But unfortunately not in case of Nikolai... 

New Set! The Chance in Fighting. Final Part.

After losing in fighting Fedya has no other chance than endure the real pain from our Guard and eventually became our obedient slave. 

New Nude Set! Humiliation of Soldier Kyrill. Final.

Despite of screams of agonizing pain we still haven't broken Kyrill will. Today we exposed to the electrical impact mostly the upper body of that soldier. But who knows how obedient Kyrill can be after we'll apply electricity below his waist... 

Flashback Set! Male Model Kirill. Part I.

This is not an easy task to trap a male fitness model in a good shape. For this purpose we even hired photographer woman. It always deflects straight guys' attention when they see a woman. Now the perfect body of Kirill in our arms and we can do with him whatever we want. 

New Captive on Our Site! From Home to the Dungeon. Part I.

Nikolai works as a construction worker and lives with his young wife at the small house far away from other villages. We always had our eyes on him and expected him to be our new slave. One day the Guards were sent by us to visit him. Now when he's in our Dungeon it's time to make him obey through the pain and sufferings! 

New Captive on Our Site! The Chance in Fighting. Part I.

Fedya is one of the bully guys which we've brought from a gang neighborhood. He spent in our dungeon a couple of weeks before we made him proposition to avoid pain if he agreed for the wrestling match with our Guard... 

New Nude Set! Humiliation of Soldier Kyrill. Part II.

We need the total obedience from Kyrill, the only way to which is to apply pain every day. Day by day harder and harder. Kyrill must realize his hairy and muscular body is ideal as a pain beef.