New Set! Four Days of Pain for Anton.

Anton is our prisoner. He committed dangerous acts for which he was sentenced to life imprisonment. We decided to lend him out for 4 days and these days will also be filled with pain. 

New Nude Set! Slim Slave Philipp. Final Part.

After applying the pain-inducing restraint techniques slave Philipp needs to be treated by humiliation. As a humiliative procedure we've chosen pony riding. 

New Set! Prisoner Andrei. Part II.

The next days of imprison for Andrei were full of corporal punishments. They went on until the muscular body of prisoner was completely covered by the whip marks. 

New Set! Fighter Ivan. Part II.

The gentleman whose offer Ivan has rejected watched his torments through the surveillance cameras wondering how much more pain could Ivan endure. He developed the torture schedule for Ivan according to preferances which always makes him pleasure. It was no longer a measure of compulsion for Ivan but was a matter of sadistic fun for the Gentleman. 

New Set! Sergeant Valentine. Final Part.

There were some body parts of Valentine still left untouched. His feet and toes. And we made Sergeant suffer again through the feet pain. But Valentine's courage and endurance know no boundaries. After tortures he managed to untie himself and escape... 

New Nude Set! Slim Slave Philipp. Part II.

As the slave Philipp had been bad in the hard labour he was sentenced to the corporal punishments of flogging and whipping over his back and over his torso. 

New Captive on Our Site! Prisoner Andrei. Part I.

Sometimes we use our Torture Center as the prison facility. Andrei is one of such prisoners. He was imprisoned for some criminal acts. We torture and humiliate him every day. He doesn't have any prison uniform but underwear. In his cell ventilation systems maintain constant cold and the Guard bucketing him down with ice-cold water and beat him with truncheon. 

New Captive on Our Site! Fighter Ivan. Part I.

Ivan is an MMA fighter. Once upon a time one respectable Gentleman watched his fight. After the last round Gentleman asked if Ivan wanted to earn some money. According to his offer Ivan would have to fight with his friend oiled and totally naked. Ivan refused the indecent proposal and the next day he was delivered to us. 

New Set! Sergeant Valentine. Part II.

The third day of torures for Valentine began from the electrocution. Yes, it was really hard for him to endure electric current penetrating his already injured after flogging torso. But to make Sergeant sweat from the pain again we had to apply the thorn roller. 

New Nude Captive on Our Site! Slave Philipp. Part I.

Philipp is our new slave. We entrusted our new assistant to train him. As the first training procedure Philipp was sentenced to the hard labour being chained and totally naked. 

New Set! Electrician Vitaly. Final Part.

As we mentioned before, Vitaly is absolutely couldn't tolerate the pain. That is why as the the final trial for him the most excruciating needles torture was chosen. It will be a mistake if we let Vitaly go we'll have much more fun if we leave him as the pain slave. 

New Set! Young Criminal Misha. Final Part.

We tried all of the main methods of pain infliction on Misha but still didn't get confessions from him. The next days we decided to continue the tortures until we beat a confession out of him. 

New Captive On Our Site! Sergeant Valentine. Part I.

Military guys are the best material to have a complete satisfaction from the torture process. They are well trained to the pain endurance, they are always in a good physical shape and also they are trying to play heroes. Valentine is not an exception in this sence. At the first day we began to torture him and hanged him by the wrists for many hours. We watched him agonizing and sweating with the surveilance cameras in the torture chamber. The next days he was brutally flogged by the whip. 

New Nude Set! Boris as a Slave. Final Part.

To have even more fun Master have ordered his Assistant to tie down Boris to the bed frame and put the burning candles on his smooth and muscular torso. And it was only beginning of the pain games.

New Set! Electrician Vitaly. Part II.

It's always interesting to watch how the new captives bear the pain. Sometimes the big guys cannot handle even a little pain. And sometimes skinny guys behave like the real men under the severe pain. Returning to the case of Vitaly, he can be called a very strong man, but as for the resistance to pain, he is very weak. 

New Set! Young Criminal Misha. Part II.

The second round of interrogation still haven't yielded the results. But it looks like we on the right way in order to increase the pain level... 

New Set! Interrogation of Soldier Kyrill. Final.

Even the most brave soldiers cannot endure some kinds of torments and pain. This time upside down hanging and suffocation torture made Kyrill talk. Finally he surrendered and gave us the secret information.