New Set! The Nasty Things of Oleg. Part II.

Oleg has no other choice but endure the pain and this is his free and conscious decision. He hopes the man in Balaclava will be merciful to him and not to flog him until he is bleeding. Anyway it's not a final torture for Oleg. Who knows how cruel his tormentor could be further... 

New Nude Set! The Punishment of Guard Vitaliy. Part I.

Sometimes even the Guards need to be punished. The main purpose of such punishments is to prevent the escapes of prisoners and the collusions between guards and prisoners. At any time the guard may be in the place of a prisoner and realize all the severity of the punishments. 

New Set! Alexei as a Slave. Part I.

Two guys Alexei and Boris were caught together last summer. Boris has already been enslaved and became one of the handsomest man in our slaves collection. Today it's turn of Alexei - the guy with terrible scars on the upper body. During his stay in captivity, he lost some weight and the hard physical training will be a good treatment to lead him in shape. To habituate our new slave to his new status, Alexei needs to be chained all the time, even while his training. 

New Captive on Our Site! Escaped Convict Ilya. Part I.

Ilya is an escaped convict. Overseer has caught him and now his task to make Ilya talk about accomplices who  escaped with him too. But as for now Ilya is proned to profanity more than to constructive dialogue. It's usual situation for us and we know very well how to cope with it. 

New Captive on Our Site! The Nasty Things of Oleg. Part I.

One fine morning Oleg found himself lying on the basement floor. An empty bottle of vine in his hands had not been promising beginning of the story. Oleg was trying to remember how did he get here but there were nothing to come to his mind. Suddenly the Man in Balaklava has appeared and showed the pics in his smartphone. Now Oleg had no choice except endure the pain in exchange to save his reputation. 

New Nude Set! Twink Male Model Artem. Final Part.

On the third day of tortures it became absolutely clear Artem cannot take pain like a real man. But that's no reason to show leniency for him. 

New Set! Timur - New Slave to Tame. Final Part.

Despite Timur has passed trough preliminary tortures he still wants to resist his Masters. But tortures on the rack will be continued day after day until Timur became totally submissive slave. 

New Set! Street Workouter Nikolai. Final Part.

In the BDSM training procedures the flogging is one of the most important stage. But we don't have in plans to make a slave from Nikolai. After he successfully passed through all the main pain techniques that we usually apply, we let him go. 

New Set! Military Guy Mikhail. Final Part.

We wonder how much pain can Mikhail sustain before his nipples will cooked through by electricity? But it seems his nipples are made of steel like his will power. Therefore we shackled Mikhail down. The night Mikhail spent in the cell where there no toilet and only the hole in the floor is used as sewage and the next day he will be tortured again... 

New Nude Set! Twink Male Model Artem. Part II.

It seems like our Guard loves Artem. Just look an air of satisfaction at the Guard's face when he hurt him. And we love to watch the game which drives Artem to tears. 

New Set! Timur - New Slave to Tame. Part II.

The next day Timur spent being attached to the Andrew's Cross in the Red Room. At first the Guard tested his six packed abs. It was really interesting  to determine if they are as strong as they seem. After some pause the Guard proceeded to electric tortures... 

New Set! Street Workouter Nikolai. Part II.

Today is a very important day for young gymnast Nikolai 'cause that day he will try the nipples pain for the first time... 

New Set! Military Guy Mikhail. Part II.

By any means we need to obtain the infiltration goal from the military spy Mikhail. Our special interrogative techniques include a variety of torture methods that can get to talk even such well trained military guys. Today we choose torture rack and waterboarding... 

New Nude Captive on Our Site! Twink Male Model Artem. Part I.

Our casting was continued and the second model came to us. His name is Artem. He dreamt to be underwear model but who cares about his stupid expectations. First of all - no underwear allowed! The second - a hard fixation.  And the last but not the least - real pain. 

New Captive on Our Site! Timur - New Slave to Tame. Part I.

We bought a new slave named Timur. We have chosen him for strong well-shaped body. The seller warned us that Timur has an obstinate nature. But it is no flaw for us, the more interesting it will be to observe the slave taming. 

New Captive on Our Site! Street Workouter Nikolai. Part I.

Nikolai is a street workouter. One day he decided to take part in a casting for a brand new sports project. He couldn't even imagine that under pretext of casting there would be gay BDSM perversions. But the skills in front and back levers that Nikolai showed us, excite our sick minds on the different ways of torture for him. 

New Captive on Our Site! Military Guy Mikhail. Part I.

From the first glance we understood that Mikhail is a professional soldier. But there's a lot more to him than appearances suggest. When we started to interrogate him about his mission he tried to escape and our brave Guard caught and neutralized him. It's time to play rough with Soldier Misha!

New Nude Set! Daily Training of Slave Eugene.

Eugene is one of our very first slaves. Because of his high endurance to pain Master still have an interest to train him by the corporal punishments of any kind. Today the punishment for Eugene is hard flogging. 

New set! Prisoner Andrei. Final Part.

Despite of the marks from the corporal punishments Andrei still was not ready to execute the humiliative commands of his Overseer. But it was just a question of time. After several hours being stretched Andrei could do everything to stop this torture. 

New Set! Fighter Ivan. Final Part.

After the torture plan was completed, the Gentelman didn't  want to rush with the decision regarding Ivan's future. But it seems Ivan will be a special guest of the Gentleman for a long time.