New Set! Electrician Vitaly. Part II.

It's always interesting to watch how the new captives bear the pain. Sometimes the big guys cannot handle even a little pain. And sometimes skinny guys behave like the real men under the severe pain. Returning to the case of Vitaly, he can be called a very strong man, but as for the resistance to pain, he is very weak. 

New Set! Young Criminal Misha. Part II.

The second round of interrogation still haven't yielded the results. But it looks like we on the right way in order to increase the pain level... 

New Set! Interrogation of Soldier Kyrill. Final.

Even the most brave soldiers cannot endure some kinds of torments and pain. This time upside down hanging and suffocation torture made Kyrill talk. Finally he surrendered and gave us the secret information. 

New Nude Set! Boris as a Slave. Part II.

It was a big fun for the Master to watch the naked ass of Boris subjected to flogging by the horse whip. After that Boris had to spend the night handcuffed riding naked at the wooden stick. 

New Captive On Our Site! Electrician Vitaly. Part I.

We tricked a young and muscular electrician Vitaly and he's got into a trap. First of all our Guard interrogated him like a spy, that made Vitaly totally confused. But then Master told Vitaly about his plan to introduce him with the real pain... 

New Captive On Our Site! Young Criminal Misha. Part I.

Misha was arrested in suspicion for burglary at the crime scene in the apartment. Our  Guard is good in his job and knows well how to get confessions from the suspects. But first of all Misha needs to be stripped down to the underwear and handcuffed... 

New Set! Interrogation of Soldier Kyrill. Part II

Being suffering under electric tortures our brave soldier still think he could endure more pain and stupidly waiting for the rescue operation by the Command of his troops. 

New Nude Set! Boris as a Slave. Part I.

Today is the day of acquaintance for a new slaves with the Master. So, Boris was introduced to the Master for the first time. Right away the Master liked Boris so much. But there were only a little issue with Boris, he didn't want to take off his underwear... 

New Set! Lifeguard Artem. Final Part.

We suppose our beach hero Artem can endure much more pain than he has been experienced before. To make Artem obey, we subjected him to the needles torture. Surprisingly it helped to achieve our goal and our Punisher even took a first ride on his back. 

New Set! Fresh Meat for the Master. Final Part.

After two days being tortured separately, Alexei and Boris will be punished by flogging together at the sunset. Of course both of them will became our slaves and nobody can escape from us again. 

New Captive On Our Site! Interrogation of Soldier Kyrill. Part I.

Not very often we can get a real soldier for interrogation procedures. It's time to subject the hairy body of Kyrill to severe tortures to obtain the information about his mission. 

New Set! Routine Punishment for Slave Zhenya.

We remember every of our slave and nobody of them can avoid periodical corporal procedures.Today is the punisment day for one of the most handsome of our slaves named Zhenya. 

New Nude Set! Go-Go Dancer Rustam. Final Part.

Since the time when Rustam was compelled to stay at the Master's place, Master showed him all of his hospitality, in his understanding of course. All the parts of Rustam's body were aching, but nevertheless there was one of the bodyparts that still has remained unaffected by sadistic caresses. Now it's time to eliminate this annoying mistake. 

New Set! Fresh Meat for the Master. Part V.

Despite almost the same punishments that Master has chosen for these two captives. Every captive under pain has it's own idividuality. Boris is bigger and more handsome than Alexei, but in the endurance of pain he is inferior to Alexei that makes episodes with him much more interesting for sadists' eye. 

New Set! Lifeguard Artem. Part II.

It was the second day in the Dungeon for Artem. His body became covered with the whipmarks and his mouth has tired of the gag but we still didn't make obey this beach hero. 

New Set! Fresh Meat for the Master. Part IV.

To make the submissive slaves from the escaped guys, it was decided to torture them until they'll be totally demoralized and exhausted. Now it's time for Alexei to obtain  the new scars on his torso. 

New Nude Set! Go-Go Dancer Rustam. Part II.

Of course Master is not intrested in striptease dancing and the further part of fun with Rustam in pain inspired him much more. Master wanted him to taste all the kinds of pain to choose the one to hurt him most. 

New Set! Fresh Meat for the Master. Part III.

According to the Punishment Plan approved by the Master, Boris and Alexei should be subjected to the same tortures. Now it's Boris's turn to endure electrocution. 

New Set! Stanislav in Slavery. Final Part.

In vain Stanislav hoped to resist his fate. The next punishment for him was bastinado torture under the merciless summer sun. Considering that even that didn't break his will it was decided to hang him hogtied on the tree until he'll became totally submissive. 

New Captive on Our Site! Lifeguard Artem. Part I.

Artem works as a Lifeguard at the beach. One Summer day the Master walked on the beach and watched him. His suntanned and muscular body has attracted Master's attention and on the next day Artem was delivered to the Dungeon...