New Nude Set! Handsome Guy Stanislav. Final Part.

After completion the training procedure, the life of Stanislav will never be the same. But nevertheless  he's not ready to obey yet. This will only make the further games more cruel and interesting for the Master. Nobody could resist forever... 

New Set! Soldier Misha. Final Part.

The hours that our hero spent crucified on the cross made him completely exhausted but still didn't make him talk... His sweat body agonized from the pain untill he lost consciousness. After a week of rest we'll continue to torture Misha. 

New Captive on Our Site! Ruslan Rents His Body. Part I.

Sometimes guys come to us by their own will in search for easy money. Of course they'll need to endure the pain but they think they can take it. Before the real pain starts, we should train Ruslan to pump up his muscles a little. Now his body is ready for pain...

New Nude Set! Artem Zakharov in Slavery. Part II.

Master always wanted to play hard with Artem's balls. Now, when Artem is in slavery, who could prevent the Master? 

New Nude Set! Continue of the Plumber Story. Final.

To finalize slave training procedure with the former Plumber, Master used flogging  and electrocution devices. After punishments Plumber became completely submissive and Master could allow him to get dressed in slave's uniform and collar. 

New Nude Set! Handsome Guy Stanislav. Part II.

As a continue of training, Stanislav was stripped down to the naked and subjected to the electric tortures. We don't know what was more humiliative for this handsome straight young man, being naked or being electrocuted. But we know for sure he experienced one of the most terrible pain experience in his life. 

New Set! Soldier Misha. Part II.

Misha was trained in special forces, so he has a high pain threshold. However, the grimaces of pain on his face told us that we are moving in the right direction and soon we'll obtain the information about his mission from him. 

New Set! Interrogation of Robber Slava. Final.

A long exhausting flogging allowed us finally to unleash the tongue of the robber Slava... 

New Nude Set! Artem Zakharov in Slavery. Part I.

Our old friend Artem Zakharov again got into an unpleasant criminal history, as a result of which he was sold into slavery and bought by us. It's time to embody the most cruel sadistic dreams with him. 

New Nude Set! Continue of the Plumber Story. Part II.

The total submissiveness means not only patien—Āe in endurance of corporal punishments but also full suppression of personality, when even feeding procedure includes humiliative actions in relation to the slave. 

New Captive on Our Site! Handsome Guy Stanislav. Part I.

The Master gave a new assignment to his Assistant. He must to train and make obey his new captive - handsome guy Stanislav. 

New Set! Soldier Misha. Part I.

Soldier Misha was caught in a mission and delivered to us for interrogation. We need to make him talk about his Military Unit location, his Commander and found out everything about his secret mission.

New Set! Interrogation of Robber Slava. Part II.

The second day of interrogation for Robber Slava included feet torture, like Tiger Bench and Bastinado. But there were still no confessions from him... 

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New Nude Set! New Slave Boris. Final Part.

To introduce Boris with all the pain practices which his Master uses, the waxing torture has been chosen as a final stage of his initiation. 

New Nude Set! Continue of the Plumber Story. Part I.

In our Slavery there are many slaves with different background stories. Now it's time to remember about former Plumber who has already been trained and ready for total submissiveness.But at first he needs to be totally shaved and cleaned up! 

New Nude Set! The Training of Slave Petr. Final Part.

The final stage of Petr's training session was the most awful thing that we ever invented. Petr's balls were tied to the legs spread bar and when he tried to unbend his legs he pulled them. To make Petr unbend his legs more often, Master applied some electricity. The training can be considered as successfull as the Master noticed the sweat of pain on Petr's torso.

New Set! Pizza Boy Matvey. Final Part.

On the third day, to maintain Matvey's body in a good shape, we ordered our Assistant to hang him by the wrists and perform physical workout as the next torture. 

New Captive on Our Site. Interrogation of Robber Slava. Part I.

Slava is suspected of committing a robbery. He was taken to our torture center for interrogation and confessions... 

New Nude Set! New Slave Boris. Part II.

Master treated to his new slave Boris with all the trepidation. He ordered his assistants to crucify him. But the wily plan of the master also included electrical torture. To make the suffering of Boris even more terrible, the Master sprinkled him with distilled water before torture.