New Captive on Our Site! Training for Commando Stas. Part I.

We're pleased to inform that from now we use our prison and torture facilities as the training center for the special forces commandos before their missions behind the enemies lines. Soldier Stas is the first trainee. 

New Set! Criminal Yuriy. Part II.

After tasting the pain Yuriy became not so tough guy as he was at the beginning but still expect to keep his secrets with him. He doesn't know that the hardest torture challenges for his massive body are still ahead and the flogging will seem like light tickling for him... 

New Set! Prisoners Competition - Andrei. Final.

Finally the Prisoners Competitions has ended up. The clear victory has appeared on the party of Andrei. But the victory shouldn’t be easy for the Prisoners. Besides the reward the winner gets the bonus punishments. 

New Nude Set! Soldier Maxim - Continuation. Part II.

Now we see that our severe methods of interrogation begin to bear fruits. The soldier become sweat and almost doesn't have forces to resist. We just have to wait. Maybe the next torture will finally broke him. 

New Set! Prisoners Competition - Andrei. Part V.

As we expected, because of the physical shape of Andrei that outperform physique of Vasya, he can endure much more pain than Vasya. It also affects on the results of the Prisoners competition. 

New Captive on Our Site! Criminal Yuriy. Part I.

We often use our facilities as the torture center for criminals which needs to be interrogated using more strenuous methods. Criminal Yuriy is suspected in robbery but first, like many others, he'd like to play tough guy. We love and know how to play this game. 

New Set! Prisoners Competition - Andrei. Part IV.

The second participant of the Prisoners Competition is Andrei. He has nothing to lose because anyway his regime is extremely strict and includes everyday tortures. During his imprisonment he's obtained better physical shape than ever. We cannot refuse in willing of participation to such decent competitor. 

New Nude Set! Soldier Maxim - Continuation. Part I.

Because of we didn't get the answers from the Soldier Maxim we continued his interrogation but now using real torture methods used for the prisoners of war. And this time the Soldier was stripped of his underwear. 

New Set! Prisoners Competition - Vasya. Part III.

The final trials for the young prisoner Vasya have passed. He earned 775 points in summary. But who knows how sturdy and tolerant to pain will be the next participant of the competition and who will be the winner at the end... 

New Set! Enslaving of Sergei. Final Part.

After the initial slave training procedures it seems like Sergei feels quite exhausted but still unbroken. We continue to work on him much harder because he has natural manliness which we have to eliminate in him. 

New Set! Prisoners Competition - Vasya. Part II.

The next trial for Vasya was feet torture. He had to bear more than 50 cane strokes on each foot and also electric torture to earn more points in the competition. 

New Nude Set! Slave Alexei Naked. Final Part.

It happened so, Alexei, becoming a slave, sacrificed his body for Masters' pleasures. There is no other future for him but to be the routine pain slave. 

New Captive on Our Site! Prisoners Competition - Vasya. Part I.

Sometimes we making the competition between the prisoners of our jail. Nothing special. They need to prove who is the best in pain and suffering. The winner will be awarded with cash prize. The first participant today is Vasya. 

New Set! Borrower Nikita. Final Part.

Our goal is to make Nikita realize the value of money. Of course he is quite hardy guy but how much pain comply with amounts of that borrow? Anyway when you're young and your body is tolerant to pain, you can endure the stressed suspensions, the hot wax and the candle flames... 

New Set! Enslaving of Sergei. Part II.

Nothing is the best training for a slave than flogging. After a good flogging even such tough guys like Sergei became an obedient like the puppies. 

New Nude Set! Slave Alexei Naked. Part II.

We reasonably believe that after all the punishments Alexei had survived he would be an obedient slave with no own will and brings a lot of pleasures for the Masters. 

New Set! Bodybuilder Stepan in Slavery. Final.

Have you ever thought about the strain that affects the bodybuilders joints when they are crucified? And what about the pain they feel when they stretched by the force of own weights? But we have a lot of mercy for our slaves. We even let Stepan some minutes break from joints pain to enjoy the distress from pliers. 

New Set! Borrower Nikita. Part II.

Not being able to pay his debts Nikita had to suffer the tortures. This day he'll spend suspended on the cross in a stressed position and the Guard won't let Nikita feel bored. 

New Captive on Our Site! Enslaving of Sergei. Part I.

Sergei was notorious womanizer until he got into bad trouble. He met a beautiful girl partying in the night club. He slept with her. But he didn't know who was her man - the local crime lord. The day after his people captured Sergei and sold him into slavery. We bought him and for a start decided to take this tough guy down by crucifixion... 

New Nude Set! Slave Alexei Naked. Part I.

The final stage of slaves preparation includes ban on wearing underwear. For these who resist of it we apply restraints measures like handcuffs and shackles and also flogging.