New Captive on Our Site! The Chance in Fighting. Part I.

Fedya is one of the bully guys which we've brought from a gang neighborhood. He spent in our dungeon a couple of weeks before we made him proposition to avoid pain if he agreed for the wrestling match with our Guard... 

New Nude Set! Humiliation of Soldier Kyrill. Part II.

We need the total obedience from Kyrill, the only way to which is to apply pain every day. Day by day harder and harder. Kyrill must realize his hairy and muscular body is ideal as a pain beef. 

New set! Pain Slave Pavel. Final Part.

The last tortures in these series were stretching on the rack and hot waxing. Well shaved body of Pavel perfectly fits for them. 

New Set! Daring Slave Alex. Final Part.

To consolidate achieved goals in Slave Alex behaviour correction the final torments must be the most memorable. For that purpose the pliers and an electric device were used. 

New Set! Valera Rents His Body. Final Part.

This time Valera was lucky and could endure all the corporal punishments that we prepared for him and even a little bit more. But he constrained to sacrifice his young and smooth skin to got agreed amount of money. 

New Nude Set! Humiliation of Soldier Kyrill. Part I.

What could more humiliating for the brave and masculine soldiers than to be naked before perverts eyes... Since we don't need more information from Kyrill, we decided to begin his training as an obedient slave. And of course in that case he got to be fully naked. 

New Set! Pain Slave Pavel. Part II.

Since Pavel learned his purpose, almost nothing has changed except the pose in which he shackled down and other kind of pain. Today Master has chosen to pinch Pavel's skin with the clamps. 

New Set! Daring Slave Alex. Part II.

It's time to correct rebellious nature of Slave Alex. The best way to fix it is continuous and torturous punishments. There should be no spot on Slave's skin without the wounds or the whip marks.

New Set! Valera Rents His Body. Part II.

The Second Round of pain session included different torso and nipples tortures and Valera again withstand them with dignity, and he still has all the chances to get desired money. 

New Nude Set! Below the Waist with Slave Eugene.

Despite Eugene's high pain threshold there are things that are simply unbearable to endure and then only scream of desperation may help... 

New Captive on Our Site! Pain Slave Pavel. Part I.

Pavel has been enslaved not long time ago. Since that time his body was totally shaved and he was shakled down by the order of his Master. Pavel hasn't seen his Master yet and he hasn’t known what the main goal of his slavery. It's time to learn it... 

New Captive on Our Site! Daring Slave Alex. Part I.

The Master gave an assignment to film his new Slave Alex in chains. It turned out Alex has daring and rebellious character. He tried to attack cameraman but the Guards got there just in time and Alex learned what we do with disobedient slaves. 

New Captive on Our Site! Valera Rents His Body. Part I.

Valera is an amateur bodybuilder. He came to us in search of easy money and he voluntary ready to rent out his body for our sadistic pleasures. Well, let's check this muscled straight guy in pain tolerance... 

New Nude Set! The Punishment of Guard Vitaliy. Final.

The Master cannot stop the punishment for the Guard Vitaliy before he try all the kinds of pain which we practice on our prisoners and slaves. At the end of punishment Master applied  the most humiliative procedure - ass flogging with the chain whip. After punishment Vitaliy can return to his duties. 

New Set! Alexei as a Slave. Final Part.

The scars on the chest of Alexei looks incredible when he tied to the posts in spread eagled position. But it seems his skin after the years of corporal punishments and tortures became tanned and doesn't generate whipmarks anymore despite the impact forces of the Punisher. 

New Set! Escaped Convict Ilya. Final Part.

Some of the most hardiest prisoners can endure the pain from the stressful suspensions but no one can endure roasting over candles... 

New Set! The Nasty Things of Oleg. Final Part.

How much pain a man could endure to maintain crystal clear biography before society eye? Of course it's a rhetorical question. But the answer on it in case of Oleg is absolutely doesn't matter for us. Moreover we don't have obligation to be honest and after all the pain Oleg had to survive we cheated him and don't deleted compromising information. 

New Nude Set! The Punishment of Guard Vitaliy. Part II

In vain Vitaliy expected for a mercy from us for his honest serving as a guard. Conversely we used his endurance to check our new light-show system for sensual deprivation under torture. 

New Set! Alexei as a Slave. Part II.

The Overseer continued to torment scarring torso of Alexei. But his nipples still have no scars and this is a large gap to be filled. 

New Set! Escaped Convict Ilya. Part II.

According the criminal underworld notions it's a big fault to betray your associates. So Ilya pick himself up and prepared himself for the long and terrible pain. By any means he don't have to talk and do not violate these unwritten rules.