New Nude Set! The Training of Slave Oleg. Part II.

After the torture workout it became clear for the Master that Oleg has a rebellious character. Now it's time to concentrate all the effort on the corporal punishments and the pain itself to correct the slave behaviour. 

New Set! Stanislav in Slavery - Part I.

Of course, you all remember the handsome guy Stanislav. After the tortures for his disobedience, he was sentenced to the hard labor. But his stubborn nature motivated him to made an attempt to escape... 

New Set! Two Amateur Wrestlers. Part II.

Taras and Matvey couldn't imagine what consequences their rudeness to the Master may cause. Anyway if they even had accepted Master's offer, they would be corporally punished. The only thing is still unclear - their further fate. Will the Master leave them in his Dungeon as the slaves... 

New Nude Set! The Doctor and Maxim. Final Part.

The milking is very important part of Doctor's exprtiment. When it became understood, that experiment has failed, the Doctor was furious... 

New Set! Trainer Yaroslav. Final Part.

As we expected Yaroslav has failed his mission. He couldn't cope with our guys and became the prisoner himself. But our Guards won't be punished for this. They really know their job well and once again proved it to us. 

New Nude Captive on Our Site! The Training of Slave Oleg. Part I.

To maintain the slaves in obedient condition the Master needs to train them regularly. Each slave requires the special attitude, because each of them has a different character. But the main goal is the total submissiveness, which can be reached through everyday exhaustive physical loadings, pain and sweat. 

New Set! Insurance Agent Yegor. Final Part.

After completion the torture procedures Yegor would ready insure everything on our conditions. But we don't need it in fact, this was only pretext for having our sadistic fun on manly and well shaped young man. 

New Captives on Our Site! Two Amateur Wrestlers. Part I.

Taras and Matvey are the amateur wrestlers. They often goes to the Gym to train together. But our Master has the informants everywhere. They always help him to find a fresh torture meat for the breakfast. 

New Nude Set! The Doctor and Maxim. Part II.

The Doctor  has really got a knack to made his test objects agonized from the real pain. Despite the fact that Maxim had previously been subjected to electric tortures, this time he could hardly resist the pain penetrating all over his body. 

New Set! Trainer Yaroslav. Part II.

This time Personal Trainer Yaroslav must be trained himself in  elecric tortures' endurance. The Guard attached the electrodes all over Yaroslav's torso and of course won't forget about the nipples. 

New Set! Pickpocket Thief Interrogation. Final.

Since all possible special means of interrogation have already been tried on the Thief, it was decided to combine electric tortures and bastinado, and tormenting him until he confess. 

New Set! Insurance Agent Yegor. Part II.

As a continue of humiliation procedures we allowed our Guards to do anything what they want with Yegor. And we were not mistaken in our choice. The Guards were quite inventive and made Yegor feel the real pain again. 

New Set! Ruslan Rents His Body. Final Part.

For the many years we developed our own technique how to make suffer the guys who rent their bodies for the money. So, when the Ruslan's nipples were enough irritated after chest flogging, we attached the elecrodes on them. But Ruslan endured all the torments like a real man and deserved his reward. 

New Nude Set! The Doctor and Maxim. Part I.

After some pause the Doctor has returned to us to pick a new test subjects for him. This time former male model Maxim was offered. 

New Captive on Our Site! Trainer Yaroslav. Part I.

Yaroslav is a personal trainer. We hired him to maintain our guards in good physical shape. But it's a very difficult task to make obey the guys which duties are to dominate and to torture our prisoners. From the very beginning, the likelihood that Yaroslav would become a prisoner  himself, was extremely high. 

New Set! Pickpocket Thief Interrogation. Part II.

The second special interrogation technique that we applied on the Thief was water torture. When the Thief showed disrespect to his interrogators, we allowed them to be more strigent with him. Nevertheless it will take some more time to get confessions from him. 

New Captive on Our Site! Insurance Agent Yegor. Part I.

Yegor is an insurance agent. We lured him into a trap under the pretense of we need to insure our containers. At first he regarded it as a ruse but after he tasted the whip it wasn't funny for him. The marks of whip on his muscled torso is a good evidence of real pain he felt.

New Set! Ruslan Rents His Body. Part II.

As the first pain trial that Ruslan should endure was Bastinado torture and foot waxing. After first moments under pain, Ruslan realized that it's not so easy as he expected, to endure the real pain. But promised money helped him to manage with it. 

New Nude Set! Artem Zakharov in Slavery. Final Part.

Master will never get enough with corporal punishments of Artem's beefy body. Moreover he finally got an obedient slave who can endure the most cruel tortures for his pleasure. 

New Captive on Our Site! Pickpocket Thief Interrogation. Part I.

Another one thief was delivered to our Torture Center for interrogation. From the very beginning it was obvious, that this guy is not ready for cooperation. But he doesn't know yet that nobody could resists our special investigative techniques.