New Captive on Our Site! Prisoner Marat. Part I.

Marat is our new prisoner. He came to got his daily punishment in the torture chamber. Marat thought he can get away from the punishment by his daring. But the only thing he achieved was the changing of the punishment to more severe and sophisticated. 

New Captive on Our Site! Strength Gymnast Anton. Part I.

Anton is a strength gymnast and decided to try himself in the casting we once again organized. From the first sight he suspected foul play from our side but nevertheless continued to show himself. That was a fatal mistake. The next moment he already been suspended like a punch bag... 

New Nude Set! Commando Stas and the Doctor. Part I.

Followed by our recommendations the Commanders of Stas sent him to us for the second time for the training. Today's lesson - the medical tortures. 

New Set! The Tortures of Prisoner Andrei. Part II

We don't allow our prisoners to cheat us. If they pretend to be sick the Doctor came to visit them. Our medicine include only painful procedures and techniques. The one who met the Doctor will never cheat us again. 

New Set! Courier Yaroslav. Final Part.

To realize the guilt Yaroslav has passed through different kind of suffering. But finally it's time to let him go in the hope of he'd mess up again and his body could be available for pain once more. 

New Set! Housepainter Viktor. Final Part.

After final torments we let Viktor go to finish his job. Of course he'll get some extra money for that pain experience. 

New Nude Set! Bodybuilder Stepan Naked. Final Part.

After applying some pain, the Master wanted to watch his slave in humiliating positions. And that's what exactly the slaves are made for. 

New Set! The Tortures of Prisoner Andrei. Part I.

Andrei has a long term imprisonment. During it he have to suffer the periodical corporal punishments. To avoid it he decided to be a little tricky and pretended to be sick. Well, too bad for him, then... 

New Set! Courier Yaroslav. Part II.

The second day of punishments of Courier Yaroslav wouldn't be easy too. This time we made him sweat again by torso flogging and caning. 

New Set! Housepainter Viktor. Part II.

Viktor already has got preliminary flogging on the bench and now it's time to continue the tortures of this working guy's body. The next body part we focused were feet. But not only. Viktor is strong enough to endure also suspension in stressful position. 

New Nude Set! Bodybuilder Stepan Naked. Part II.

Now when  Stepan has been made to be naked the Master ordered the Guard to torture his new slave until complete exhaustion. 

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New Set! Training for Commando Stas. Final Part.

That day Stas has survived the last torments in the Training. We've noticed that nipples' electric torture is the most excruciated for him. In real situation it could break him and we highly recommended his Commanders to repeat the Training at our Facilities. 

New Captive on Our Site! Courier Yaroslav. Part I.

To carry out various tasks we hired a courier Yaroslav. Since the first week everything went wrong in his work and we decided to fire him. Yaroslav wouldn't like to lost his job and we gave him another chance, of course after he'll pass through some torture trials... 

New Captive on Our Site! Housepainter Viktor. Part I.

In order to redecorate the Torture Chamber we invited the House Painter Viktor. Via surveillance cameras we observed over his work and his dressing up and found out his body is suitable for the tortures.  It would be a pity to use Viktor only as House Painter... 

New Nude Set! Bodybuilder Stepan Naked. Part I.

It was just another day in slavery for the bodybuilder Stepan. But that day was very important for the Master. It was the first time when the Master made Stepan to be naked before his eyes. 

New Set! Training for Commando Stas. Part II.

The second stage of training for Commando Stas included hard flogging. Stas has shown his courage nature in that crirtical situation. So we may consider he's passed the second test. If the enemies got him captured in fact, he could endure this torture. 

New Set! Criminal Yuriy. Final Part.

Finally, Yuriy couldn't manage himself to keep his secrets with him anymore. We found out that Yuriy's got very sensitive nipples which are totally incompatible with electricity and eventually helped us to get testimonies from him. 

New Set! Guard's Torture Training.

To make our Guards work better we included in their duties to punish each other from time to time. The Guards don't know the schedule of punishments. Any time and any day they can become prisoners themselves. 

New Nude Set! Soldier Maxim - Continuation. Final Part.

Our assumptions were correct. But we spent a little bit more time to get the testimonies from the Soldier Maxim. We tried all kind of tortures on him and applied the electricity to the most sensitive points  that finally made him talk.