New Set! Slaves Auction - Demyan. Final Part.

The final punishment for slave Demyan will be the crucifixion. He need to realize that his new owners are very cruel and don't allow even a hint of disobedience. 

New Nude Set! Rented Prisoner Valentin. Final Part.

The last tortures the Doctor have carried out during the allotted time was stressful suspension of completely naked prisoner by the wrists and ankles over the candles and the waxing. 

New Captive on Our Site! Soldier in a Secret Mission. Part I.

Another one soldier has been delivered to our Torture Center. We need to obtain a secret information from him. But first - his name, surname and Military Unit number. We began from the flogging... 

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New Set! Gymnast Anton in Slavery. Part II.

Because of the refusal of licking foot the Overseer has had to go back to the torture procedures to make Anton obey any command he receive without unnecessary second thoughts. 

New Set! Slaves Auction - Demyan. Part II.

Slave Demyan has got his first punishment for disobey from the new Owner. That kind of beasts like Demyan could endure a lot of pain but today one cycle of back flogging and waxing would be enough. 

New Nude Set! Rented Prisoner Valentin. Part II.

Before Doctor proceeded the tortures of Valentin he allowed him fully enjoyed the cross. When Valentin become exhausted enough Doctor began his job from the nipples and gradually descended lower and lower. 

New Set! Slave Artem. Final Part.

Slave Artem must know all the basic types of the punishments. Today's themes the crucifixion and electrocution. Stretched on the cross slave's muscles will tear up by the electric current all night long. 

New Set! Gymnast Anton in Slavery. Part I.

By the order of Grand Master Anton was left in slavery. After hours on the cross he don't have another choice than to be a slave and obediently taking commands from the Overseers. Of course, nobody wants to be punished and tortured every day, but there are the orders that could be so humiliating that a straight young man would never obey them... 

New Captive on Our Site! Slaves Auction - Demyan. Part I.

Demyan was bought at the Slaves Auction. It's really perfect specimen of manliness. But an excess of testosteron have an effect on his character and we need to eliminate it through the pain and humiliation... 

New Nude Set! Rented Prisoner Valentin. Part I.

Valentin was imprisoned for pickpocketing. We also previously interrogated him in Pickpocket Thief Interrogation series (now at the Archive site). During imprisonment he's slightly improved his physical shape and we found him perfectly suits of the Doctor's taste... 

New Set! Slave Artem. Part II.

The next part of training for Artem - the stressed position and physical pain. Let's make the slave sweat in the way to complete submissiveness. 

New Set! Prisoner Marat. Final Part.

This was the last day of extended torture procedure that we apply to the prisoners who don't accept the ordinary everyday corporal punishments. After surviving the real pain Marat will never resist the usual flogging. 

New Set! Strength Gymnast Anton. Final Part.

Having tried basic torture methods on Anton, the Master couldn't get enough the pleasure of watching his beefy body helplessly squirming on the cross. So, the Master decided to keep Anton in slavery. 

New Nude Set! Commando Stas and the Doctor. Final Part.

Today is the last but not the least part of the Medical Tortures Training: the Genital Tortures. After passing through them Commando Stas can be considered to be done the whole Torture Training. 

New Captive on Our Site! Slave Artem. Part I.

Artem was sold into slavery for his debts. Before he became slave he tried to run business in personal fitness training and borrowed a large sum for it. But his business has failed and the borrower sold Artem to us. So it's time to train our new slave. 

New Set! Prisoner Marat. Part II.

Marat couldn't figure out why the prison guard so ingenious in choosing the torture methods. He couldn't even imagine that prison facility has so many torture instruments. If he could have known it before he would never tried to resist of his daily punishment routine. 

New Set! Strength Gymnast Anton. Part II.

All the skills in gymnastics and acrobatics were absolutely useless when Anton was tied to the post and severely flogged on the back. 

New Nude Set! Commando Stas and the Doctor. Part II.

Our Doctor specializes in combine of different kinds of pain. These trainings will be very beneficial for commando Stas in terms of resistance against the most inventive Interrogators in case of captivity. 

New Set! The Tortures of Prisoner Andrei. Final.

Andrei may be called as a veteran in our Prison. He passed trough almost all the kinds of pain but the one torture is still unaffected him. The needles. The Doctor will fix this unfortunate mistake today.