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Greatest news for all RCB fans!!!

Classic RCB videos are online again at CLIPS4SALE.COM



New Set! Soldier in a Secret Mission. Final Part.

Now we can officially state that secret mission of the Soldier has failed. His name is not a secret anymore... 

New Captive on Our Site! Bargain for a Slave. Part I.

 The duties of our Guards includes also to provide the new slaves for the Dungeon. This slave is quite good but before to pay for him the Grand Master need to be sure in his submissiveness.

New Captive on Our Site! The Story of Stollen Wallet. Part I.

Thief Arkadiy has stolen the wallet. The task for the Guards is to prove an offence and to make him confess for what he did. 

New Nude Set! Rinat in Slavery. Part I.

Since Rinat cannot pay on his debts, he is kept in slavery. This is the only benefit he can yield at the moment and we will make the most of it. Firstly, Rinat is not allowed to wear clothes anymore. Secondly, physical trainings and corporal punishments will be the daily routine for Rinat. And the last but not the least, he will be the favorite pony for our Guards. 

New Set! Soldier in a Secret Mission. Part V.

Since all other means of torture have been invoked, today we will use something new to make this stubborn soldier talk. 

New Set! Recruitment of the Trainer. Final Part.

Let's compare how the last two guys bear the pain on the cross. Different situations, different body types, different age, different pain thresholds but the same classic torture. 

New Set! Debts Collection. Final Part.

Rinat didn't answer the main question. When does he plan to pay back the debt? But we gave him another night to think about the answer. 

New Nude Set! Commando Stas in Slavery. Final Part.

What will going to happen next with our poor slave Stas? Nothing good for him. Only tortures, pain and suffer! But at first suspension, wax and roasting over the candles. 

New set! Soldier in a Secret Mission. Part IV.

 That stupid and stubborn soldier was naive to think he could successfully escape from the captivity. But the Guard is always watching the prison cells. There is no escape and the tortures since now will become even more severe...

New Set! Recruitment of the Trainer. Part II.

Last night Vitaly spent being chained to the post without water. In the morning the Guard came and brought some water to him. But even drinking must be a humiliative procedure for the slaves. After this Vitaly agreed to obey the Guard but a little bit later again started to show his rebellious nature... 

New Set! Debts Collection. Part II.

After the second torture session with electricity applying we still don't have an acceptable answer from Rinat about an exact date of the payment on his debt. 

New Nude Set! Commando Stas in Slavery. Part II.

Being unconscious after previous torments, Stas was delivered to the torture chamber to continue. Having spent a fortune for such a perfect and hardy slave we shouldn't deny ourselves the pleasure of torture him on the rack. 

New Set! Soldier in a Secret Mission. Part III.

The first torture set applied to the Soldier resulted in a failure. After tortures Soldier even managed himself to untie from hogtied position and tried to escape. How successful his attempt will be? 

New Captive on Our Site! Recruitment of the Trainer. Part I.

Sometimes to find a new meat for the pain and humiliation we need to be inventive. Thus we lured into trap a handsome young personal trainer. 

New Pricing Options for Year 2020!

Dear Customers,

Since 2020-01-07 we changed pricing options for our sites.

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New Captive on Our Site! Debts Collection. Part I.

Rinat borrowed some money from us. It's time to pay back the debts! 

New Nude Set! Commando Stas in Slavery. Part I.

After a long bargain with Stas's Commanders we bought him into slavery. Stas will enhance our Slaves Collection and he will be a diamond in it! 

New Set! Soldier in a Secret Mission. Part II.

It wouldn't be the first time when we got a stubborn captive who wanted to play hero. So this game become even more spectacular. The first drops of sweat that rolled from the Soldier's armpits indicated that necessary level of pain was achieved. 

New Set! Gymnast Anton in Slavery. Final Part.

The last torture in the punishment session should be the most painful. It helps to learn the slave for discipline and make him to do humiliative things like foot licking.