Gutpunching – Competition and Punishment – Part I

Our new idea to attract handsome athletic guys who have nothing better to do in these difficult times is Gutpunching Competition. For arrogant Straight Guys it looks like a kind of to challenge themselves and to earn money simultaneously. But for the Pervert’s eye it looks in other way – like a pleasure of watching by them. By the way, the Loser in that Game will be punished by the RCB’s traditional methods.

Price $10.00



Slaves Gladiators – Part II

The match is over, but the fun goes on. The loser is charged with the most despicable of all crimes – displeasing his Master.
His punishment is going to be severe. The winner is here, chained and bound, witnessing everything that may happen to him anytime too.
We are good in hinting bad slaves how angry we are, and 150 lashes are just the beginning of exquisite and torturous punishment.

Price $5.00