Failed Robbery Attempt – Final Part

It seems that the lesson that the studio administrator decided to teach Vitaly turned into a real BDSM session for him. Especially painful was the whipping with a wet multi-tailed whip at the places of blows with a cane. Even after the complete submission of Vitaly, we are not sure that he will return home soon.

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Gymnast Anton – 3 Years in Slavery – Part I

Anton was enslaved 3 years ago when he came to our talents fake casting. Since that he’s been tortured and humiliated every day. RCB Grand Master have chosen him as his favourite slave but Anton had never been obedient. For his stubborness Master ordered to detain Anton in unbearable conditions, forced to do useless slave labor and tortured until he agrees to accept the attention of the Master as an encouragement. But for the past years straight guy’s nature has forced Anton to endure these terrible torments again and again.

In cooperation with Real Chained Heroes

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Rinat in Slavery – Part I

Since Rinat cannot pay on his debts, he is kept in slavery. This is the only benefit he can yield at the moment and we will make the most of it. Firstly, Rinat is not allowed to wear clothes anymore. Secondly, physical trainings and corporal punishments will be the daily routine for Rinat. And the last but not the least, he will be the favorite pony for our Guards.

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Gymnast Anton in Slavery – Part I

By the order of Grand Master Anton was left in slavery. After hours on the cross he don’t have another choice than to be a slave and obediently taking commands from the Overseers. Of course, nobody wants to be punished and tortured every day, but there are the orders that could be so humiliating that a straight young man would never obey them…

Price $5.00