Bearded POW – Part I

During the existence of our torture center, we developed our own interrogation technique for the Prisoners Of War. First of all we need to break the will of prisoner. For this purpose his Assault Troops’ tank top must be teared off right on him. To check how agonizing the tortures was for the victim you should note his sweat. The sweat always means severe pain. A really pleasant moment in our new story that this bearded POW is handsome and musculine young man.

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Another Victim of Justice for Rent – Part II

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Due to Nikolai refused to be a toy boy for the Judge his imprisonment term has been extended indefinitely. During the long time of detention we sometimes let ourselves to rent him for the pervert clients for days.

Day Two: arm twisted at the grid, nipples torture, ballbusting, gut punching.

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Punishment of Fighter Anton – Part I

Of all our activities a recent one can be distinguished – the organization of contractual fighting. Anton – a former judoist which was expelled from the national team for the systematic violation of the regulations, was offered a job from us. But, unfortunately, Anton lost the fight in which that guy had to win. Now, in the superlatively good traditions of the former Iraqi regime, the tortures are awaiting Anton for the defeat!

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Mixfighter Anatoliy – Part I

Anatoliy is a professional fighter. He has been involved in the no rules fighting but, as a rule, this business is owned by dubious persons. Anatoliy had to participate in a contract fight in which he had to lose. However, Anatoliy is a guy with the principles and refused to play by other people rules. Fights organizers were made to ask us to perform some behavioural trainings for Anatoliy.

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The Football Fans Story – Part I

Football hooligan Stas couldn’t endure the needle torture and gave the testimony against one of his accomplices. We’ve caught them and now they are awaiting for the weeks of tortures and interrogations. Anyway we will know who organized the fight at the football stadium. The 1st lot fell upon the prisoner Vlad. He will be severely interrogated with applying of gut punching.

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