Waiter Kirill in Trouble – Part I

Kirill works as a Waiter in a small cafe. His salary leaves a lot to be desired and the clients almost don’t leave the tips to him. Kirill doesn’t have a possibility to find a better job in his small town. One day the Grand Master visited that Cafe and noticed handsome Waiter Kirill. They get aquanted and after small talk the Master offers to borrow a substantial amount to Kirill. Of course Kirill has agreed for this generous proposal. But the day of debt payment has come. Of course, Kirill did not have the money and he asked to delay the payment of the debt for another month. Unexpectedly, the Master have made a tempting offer to Kirill, how his debt can be written off…

Price $15.00



Gutpunching – Competition and Punishment – Part I

Our new idea to attract handsome athletic guys who have nothing better to do in these difficult times is Gutpunching Competition. For arrogant Straight Guys it looks like a kind of to challenge themselves and to earn money simultaneously. But for the Pervert’s eye it looks in other way – like a pleasure of watching by them. By the way, the Loser in that Game will be punished by the RCB’s traditional methods.

Price $10.00