Sergey – Slave Training – All Parts in One

Nutritious diet, hard physical labour, intensive bodily workouts, strict regime and of course corporal punishments, are the components made the perfect body of Sergey. Certain we’ve invest a lot in him. However Sergey thinks it would be the best to make a revolt. Sadly for him we perfectly know how to treat with the rebellios slaves…

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Rented Captive Eugene – Part I

In the RCB Dungeon we have more than a hundred of a willing slaves. In order to justify the cost of their maintenance we issued a Catalog of Slaves. Now any of our respectable clients can rent them. During the rental, the lessee can torment the slave as he likes it, but keeping some limitations. Mr. S. have chosen two captives Eugene and Zhenya to make his final decision. After an examination he took Eugene…

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