Two Captured Go-Go Boys – Part V

After the days, that Go-Go Boys spent in our captivity under constant tortures, we think they became more or less submissive and ready for the next stage of will deprivation and humiliation – forced nudity for the pleasure of the Masters that you will see in the next part with them. But before it the second guy will have to suffer hard electric torture.

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Bearded POW – Final Part

Bearded captured soldier was delivered to another torture chamber where he spent two hardest days in his life. At first he was stripped down to the naked and suspended upside down. Then he was tortured by suffocation. And finally under genital electric torture we made him talk. In our opinion, taking into account soldier’s high endurance and masculine beauty, the best further way for him will be slavery.

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Another Victim of Justice for Rent – Part I

File size: 958.53 MB. Resolution: 1920×1080. Duration: 00:13:10.

Due to Nikolai refused to be a toy boy for the Judge his imprisonment term has been extended indefinitely. During the long time of detention we sometimes let ourselves to rent him for the pervert clients for days.

Day One: crucifixion on the grid, nipples torture, ballbusting, electric tortures.

Price $5.00