We are happy to share with you a brand-new and unique view at Russian young sporty guys – college students, military cadets, etc. All of them are presented as they should be in bondage, under interrogation, sometimes really tough.

Of course all of them are willing participants in our game. All depicted actions are fictions, executed by actors. No one was hurt during shooting.

Nudity is an exception for our fetish site that mainly doesn't contain full nudity and oriented for half-naked male torture lovers.


DISCLAIMER:  The word "captured" does not refer to someone being kidnapped or forced to engage in acts against their consent. When we use the word "captured" in our videos, video titles, and video descriptions, we are referring to capturing a consenting legal adult on camera. We are not referring to any criminal acts. All of the individuals in our films are of legal age and have consented to the depicted acts. There are no persons under the age of 18 and no persons who did not consent to being captured on camera. 



Enjoy and play safely!