Videos on Request. How does it work?

Dear Customers,

Since March, 2021 our videos are available for downloading only by request.

One video costs only $5.

By clicking the button “send request for download” you’re sending us an e-mail message(s) with video title in the topic.

In reply to this message(s) we’ll send you PayPal payment link using your e-mail address.

Please make sure you’re sending request from e-mail associated with PayPal.

You can choose one or multiple videos by clicking buttons and sending the requests by email. When we receive the funds we send you the link for download.

Please be noted we’re processing your requests manually. It’s not an immediate process and may take up to 12 hours.

If you don’t receive PayPal payment link or Download Links from us please check also your SPAM box.

RCB Team

Important Information

Dear Customers,

We’d like to inform you that we have all 2012-2020 videos available for download upon your request. Not all of them are presented at the RCB website yet. But soon all of them will be posted here.

Our official blog at will help you to find out the video titles for the videos dated 2018-2020 years. Please click the Archive link at the right for navigation.

Some of the video titles and descriptions dated 2017-2020 years you can also find at

To request the videos which are not presented at our website just send the video title(s) at [email protected].

All the videos cost $5.

RCB Team

Slaves Auction Konstantin – Part II

As a former commando Konstantin was trained to endure reinforced physical exercise and real pain. And the Master decided to check out how hardy his new slave is. As always the Master approached the matter with ingenuity and used the noose which tightened around slave’s neck when he tried to relax and stand on the floor.

Price $5.00

The Defendant Yuri Safronov – Part I

Yuri Safronov is accused of hooliganism for being participant in a fight that occurred during the drinking of alcoholic beverages in a small snack bar. He tried to appeal against the Verdict imposed on him by the Judge that includes imprisonment and corporal punishments. However when the Judge saw a handsome young man, he rejected Safronov’s complaint in the hope of satisfying his sexual desires with him during his stay in the inner prison of the Court.

Price $5.00