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Since March, 2021 our videos are available for downloading only by request.

One video costs only $5.

By clicking the button “send request for download” you’re sending us an e-mail message(s) with video title in the topic.

In reply to this message(s) we’ll send you PayPal payment link using your e-mail address.

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You can choose one or multiple videos by clicking buttons and sending the requests by email. When we receive the funds we send you the link for download.

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Important Information

Dear Customers,

We’d like to inform you that we have all 2012-2020 videos available for download upon your request. Not all of them are presented at the RCB website yet. But soon all of them will be posted here.

Our official blog at will help you to find out the video titles for the videos dated 2018-2020 years. Please click the Archive link at the right for navigation.

Some of the video titles and descriptions dated 2017-2020 years you can also find at

To request the videos which are not presented at our website just send the video title(s) at [email protected].

All the videos cost $5.

RCB Team

Young Offender Pavel Again – Part I

In our captivity currently are more than a thousand of the prisoners. To remember who are imprisoned, Master periodically looks at personal files of the prisoners.
That way he found a case of Pavel who was arrested on suspicion of robbing the store. It has been almost two years since the last time when Master interrogated him.
Pavel was left as a slave. And now the time has come to remind the slave Pavel about his duties.

Price $5.00

Slaves Gladiators – Part II

The match is over, but the fun goes on. The loser is charged with the most despicable of all crimes – displeasing his Master.
His punishment is going to be severe. The winner is here, chained and bound, witnessing everything that may happen to him anytime too.
We are good in hinting bad slaves how angry we are, and 150 lashes are just the beginning of exquisite and torturous punishment.

Price $5.00

Slaves Gladiators – Part I

You know about gladiators, do you? We do too. We breed them, in fact. Fighting can be great fun, if you are the Master, of course. These two were mere fighters in their previous lives. But their previous lives were over when they were silly enough to answer our carefully worded ad in a fighters’ mag. They paid us a visit, and be sure, we had our means to make them stay. Forever. Their breeding and upbringing was a painful for both of them. And it did work. As you can see they are quite happy with their new life of our slaves, if not dogs. They are full of energy and hatred, but they use these exceptional faculties to fight each other and please us. They adore their masters and worship the dust under our feet. But they are still fighters and know how to behave on the carpet. We do use whips and all that, but the very pain they feel just make them even more eager to fight and please us. And you, of course.

Price $5.00