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25th of October, 2023 – New models Dima and Zhenya in the video series Dima and Zhenya – Pain Endurance Competition.
Part I – Models presentation and Bastinado torture for Zhenya is published;
Part II – Dima recieved Bastinado punishment and Zhenya received electrocution.

18th of October, 2023 – New full nudity video series with Guard Yuri as a captive – Military Story with Guard Yuri. Part I – nipples needles piercing and Part II – army field phone nipples and penis torture are already published and Final Part – tied by barbed wire, gut punching and nipples torture by pliers

13th of October, 2023 – New model Kolya for Captives World also well known for the RCB fans as Hooligan in the video series Failed Escape of the Hooligan and Interrogation of the Hooligan. Now in full nudity 3-parts video series Hooligan Kolya is in Slavery.

6th of October, 2023 – New model Vladislav at Captives World in the 3-parts video series Interrogation of Soldier Vladislav.

29th of September, 2023Custom flogging video with Sasha at Captives World

27th of September, 2023 – New model Vova at captives.world website in the video series Vova in Slavery
Part I, Part II and Part III (semi-nudity); Part IV , Part V and Final Part (full nudity).

13th of September, 2023 – One of the last previously unreleased on the RCB 3-parts series Prisoner Eduard

11th of September, 2023 – New model Nikita at captives.world website in the video series Nikita – Training for the Boss. All three parts are available now.

1st of September, 2023 – All Six parts with new Model Sasha in the video series Cleaner Sasha Rents His Body at captives.world. The last three parts presnts Sasha is in full nudity, Final Part contains nipples piercing.

21st of August, 2023 – 3 new videos with Guard Yuri tortured by Officer Oleg and Guard Vladimir at the new website captives.worldall the new videos will be posted there.

14th of August, 2023 – 6 new videos with Officer Oleg and Guard Vladimir at the new website captives.world

3rd of August, 2023 Photosets section update.
600+ high quality images taken while filming video series Captured Male Model Kirill – a package of pics from all three parts including shibari style rope bondage and real crucifixion torture.
This photosets package costs only $5.

The videos released after relaunching of RCB website:
Arkadiy (Dima) – Trained to be Guard in video series Prequel Story of Guard Arkadiy-Dima.

Electrician Vitaly is captured again in video series Failed Robbery Attempt.
Hogtied video with the guy from Revenge of the Offended Sadist video series.
The Hooligan in the new video series Failed Escape of the Hooligan.
Kickboxer Semen in Hogtied video.
Waiter Kirill in the full nudity video series Waiter Kirill in Trouble.
Artem Zakharov in Hogtied video.
Egor in the series Secret Agent Egor.
Gymnast Anton story in the series Gymnast Anton – 3 Years in Slavery.
Officer Oleg and Guard Vladimir story in the series Revenge of Officer Oleg.
Former Soldiers Denis and Dima in the series War Birds in the Cage.
ValeraRobber in the Playroom.
Ruslan in full nudity – Ruslan in Slavery.
Seva in previously unreleased video package with about 300 pics – Private Meeting with Seva
Ruslan in series Gutpunching – Competition and Punishment.
Officer Oleg Officer Oleg in Slavery.
Vladimir Rent-a-Body 2022 – Vladimir.
Officer OlegOfficer Oleg tortured in prison.
Alex Dzuba (favourite model of Grand Master) – Four videos with Alex Dzuba tortured including full nudity.
Another Victim of Justice – Two brand new videos with the Guy from video series Another Victim of Justice.

To watch a list of all the new videos released after May, 2020 please click here.

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