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18th of March, 2023 Photosets section update.
150+ high quality pictures of Konstantin in full nudity enduring painful stretching, nipples tortures and armtwistings. Being known that Konstantin have a great physique and extremely sensitive nipples Doctor suggested him a private appointment. This package also includes 2 minutes long bonus video.
Previously Konstantin starred in the video series The Cheated Patient.
This photoset+video package costs only $10.

14th of March, 2023Fourth part of a brand new video series War Birds in the Cage.

12th of February, 2023 – Three parts of a brand new video series with model Valera – Robber in the Playroom are published.

18th of January, 2023 – Three parts of a brand new full nudity video series Ruslan in Slavery are published.

1st of January, 2023 – Happy New Year to our Loyal Customers! We have a New Year Present for all of you! Previously unreleased video with about 300 pics – Private Meeting with Seva

21st of December, 2022 – Three brand new videos with Ruslan in series Gutpunching – Competition and Punishment.

30th of November, 2022 – Four brand new videos in series Officer Oleg in Slavery.

30th of September, 2022 – Three brand new videos with Vladimir Rent-a-Body 2022 – Vladimir – Final Part.

2nd of September, 2022 – Three brand new videos with Officer Oleg tortured.

16th of March, 2022 – Four brand new videos with Alex Dzuba tortured in 4K including full nudity.

30th of August, 2021 – Two brand new videos with the Guy from video series Another Victim of Justice

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Videos on Request. How does it work? – UPDATED (11.03.2022)

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