New nude set! Medical Experiment with Slave Denis.

In our dungeon we have a big variety of slaves of any kinds. It provides Doctor with the test subjects for his sadistic experiments. This time Doctor chose slave Denis who  formerly was an escort boy 'cause he has massive muscles to insert syringe needles. 

New set! The Punishment for Sergeant. Final Part.

Introduction into pain would be incomplete for Sergeant without the torture on the rack. Beside this, Overseer flogged already marked with stripes from whip Sergent's torso to achieve the maximum effect. We doubt that after these series of punishments Sergeant will ever want to help prisoners.

New set! Car Thieves. Part II.

It's time to give a good lesson to these three thieves! We whipped them hard one by one and this was only begining of all the punishments that we prepared for them.

New captive on our site! Pain Experiment with Athlete. Part I.

Anton is a professional athlete. He came to Doctor to assess his physical condition after different sporting loadings. But Doctor had had slightly different plans. He decided to change sporting loadings on pain...

New set! Rent-a-Body V. Mikhail. Part II.

With each new trial the tortures were becoming harder and tougher. It's looked like we wiped away a malicious smile from Mikhail's face!

New set! The Punishment for Sergeant. Part II.

In order to pass through the all of our common tortures Sergeant was sentenced to electrocution and bastinado.  And he cannot expect for any mercy to him! 

New captives on our site! Car Thieves. Part I.

We are constantly searching for the new captives. But this time we were lucky. In the parking lot next to our torture center three thieves tried to steal the wheels from one of our cars. We saw this in the video surveillance camera ... Now they will have the unenviable fate! 

New set! Slaves Competition II. Final Part.

When we finished the punishments procedures for escape attempt, we proceeded to slaves training. To avoid recurrence of the conspiracy, we had to bring the feeling of hostility in them and the best way to do this was to force themselves to flog each other. 

New captive on our site! Rent-a-Body V. Mikhail. Part I.

When Mikhail came to us to earn some money, he regarded our proposal as a fun adventure. But after he felt a real pain he realized that to get desired sum he will have to endure severe tortures! 

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New nude set! Captured Paratrooper. Final Part.

It's time to make a real slave from this brave paratrooper. The humiliating procedures like prohibition on wearing clothes, forced cleaning and cumming on command will become an everyday routine for him. Certainly any disobedience will lead to cruel and painful punishments! 

New set! The Punishment for Sergeant. Part I.

For the improvement of detention conditions of prisoners and captives Sergeant was sentenced to corporal punishments. We'll let him feel on itself all of our most common tortures. 

New set! Slaves Competition II. Part V.

We found a good option how to use the guilty slaves. We formed a quite good punching bag from them. That is also useful for our Overseer to keep him fit. But this wasn't the last torture for them! 

New set! Fake Photoshooting. Final Part.

Those high-fed male models are absolutely not accustomed to pain. Even clothes pins and wax tortures make them such painful reactions. But it was easier for the Photographer to achieve the desired result and take pictures of pain expression on the face of the model. 

New set! Captured Paratrooper. Part II.

Surprisingly for us we don't spent a lot of time to get the testimonies from captured paratrooper. According to conditions of the Agreement we do not need to transfer his body to our customers. At our opinion the best usage for this masculine specimen is slavery. But not just ordinary slavery. The slavery in which the slave would have to perform the most degrading and lustful desires of his masters! 

New set! Captured Plumber. Final Part.

The Plumber tried to resist us at first and endured all the tortures with dignity but after a good whipping and hours at the torture horse he agreed to be submissive slave and even ready to take off his underwear! 

New set! Slaves Competition II. Part IV.

After a good whipping, slaves' torture should be continued. Being enslaved for many years slaves still didn't understand that there is no escape from slavery! So we need to explain them once again our rules in a simple form which is most understandable for slaves. Obviously this form is a pain! 

New set! Fake Photoshooting. Part II.

Photographer ordered Overseer to make Danila suffer as much pain as he could endure to make the most beautiful shot of pain... 

New captive on our site! Captured Paratrooper. Part I.

Yet another prisoner of war was delivered to our Torture Centre to be interrogated. In accordance with the Agreement we have to get the information from him. But Agreement doesn't contain the items about what to do with Paratrooper after we get the testimonies...

New set! Captured Plumber. Part II.

Despite the fact that Plumber has already understood that he will be subjected to daily mistreatment and tortures, he is not ready to be a submissive slave yet. So his torments will be continued until we get the total submission from him!