New captive on our site! Captured Secret Agent. Part I.

This Secret Agent has been sent to us to steal the documents about our Torture Center. Agent saved them on the flash drive and safely hide. Our goal now to find out where the flash drive is. We cannot say that we will perform this task without pleasure... 

New set! Petr - The Victim of Doctor. Part II.

On the second day of torture, Petr finally realized that he had made a terrible mistake when attacked the Doctor. There is no escape from the captivity but  he seriously complicated his fate. In revenge Doctor will excruciate his sweaty after sleepless night on suspension body by electricity and the upcoming night in the cage, he also can hardly fall asleep... 

New nude set! Two Captured Go-Go Boys. Final Part.

Not without additional efforts but we made Go-Go Boys to do the last and the most humiliating task. They had to jerk off in the preset time. Fortunately for them they managed themselves to cum before the time running out. So, we finally achieved our main goal: two handsome young man became our sexual slaves. 

New set! Captured Soldier Pavel Semenov. Final Part.

On the third day, we were forced to crucify Pavel and squeeze his nipples by pliers. But even after this he kept silence. When his nipples were rather irritated, we applied to them high power electricity, that finally made Soldier talk. 

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New set! Two Captured Go-Go Boys. Part V.

After the days, that Go-Go Boys spent in our captivity under constant tortures, we think they became more or less submissive and ready for the next stage of will deprivation and humiliation - forced nudity for the pleasure of the Masters that you will see in the next part with them. But before it the second guy will have to suffer hard electric torture. 

New captive on our site! Petr - The Victim of Doctor. Part I.

Petr is quite smart person and plotted a plan how to escape from our dungeon. It was a good try... This only encouraged the Doctor to use more sophisticated tortures for him.

New set! Another Prisoner of War. Final Part.

We've tried to do our best to get the testimonies from this prisoner. But even after this series of cruel torments including needles torture he still keep silence... So the other punishments for him are yet to come. 

New set! Two Captured Go-Go Boys. Part IV.

With each passing day, the tortures for the Go-Go boys became more and more excruciating. This time Master used the electric pins to make his favourite guy sweat from agonizing pain. 

New set! Captured Soldier Pavel Semenov. Part II.

We were extremely disappointed with the results of the interrogation's first day. So we decided that soldier would spend the second interrogation's day on the Tiger Bench. But even this famous Chinese torture only at the end of the second day caused just a little moan from Pavel after the Punisher applied additional forces. 

New set! Two Captured Go-Go Boys. Part III.

Now it was the turn of the second guy to experience real pain from two masters. And this time Masters were especially cruel and creative in choosing torture techniques. Chest caning, navel tortures and of course Masters could not forget the nipples. 

New set! Another Prisoner of War. Part II.

Guessing that we would have to sweat with this prisoner before getting a testimony from him, on the second day of the interrogation we decided not limit ourselves only  with bastinado torture, but also to add something new. Let's see how heavy the weight will be able to withstand soldier's stomach before the guts come out and he starts talking... 

New set! Two Captured Go-Go Boys. Part II.

After we capturing two Go-Go Boys we decided to make the sexual slaves from them. But this is the long way to achieve the total submissiveness. The first steps on this way the guys will pass in turn, one by one. We'll make them sweat from real pain!

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New captive on our site! Captured Soldier Pavel Semenov. Part I

What do we know as a background about this captured soldier. His name from his token that he didn't have time to throw away. His goal of sending. And that he managed to install the spy radio transmitters. Pavel Semenov will be subjected to the most cruel tortures so we could obtain the details of his mission. 

New set! Interrogation of the Hooligan. Final.

Since the tortures becomes tougher and tougher Hooligan  cannot resist them and gave us testimonies. But even after that we don't stop to mock him. He was shackled down and forced to clean our Security's shoes. 

New captives on our site! Two Captured Go-Go Boys. Part I.

These two guys are Go-Go dancers in the famous gay night club. During last night they met a stranger who arranged them a meeting in the cafe. Being waiting for the stranger, guys were captured by us. We tied down them and prepared for the pain and humiliation... 

New captive on our site! Another Prisoner of War. Part I.

As long as there are restless wars in our world, there will also be prisoners of war in our torture center, who will need to be interrogated using prohibited methods... 

New set! Especially Dangerous Criminal. Final part.

The third day was the worst day in prisoner's life because he tasted the needles torture for the first time... And this time won't be the last! 

New set! Interrogation of the Hooligan. Part II.

As a preliminary interrogation techniques haven't produced any result we were forced to toughen the tortures for the Hooligan...