New set! Slave Zhenya Captured Again. Part I.

Our loyal customers have perfectly known slave Zhenya. We have to be honest that we couldn't properly whatch him up because somehow we lost the interest to him and he ran away from us. But we found out  that Zhenya has joined the army where he obtained the perfect physical form. So, we paid substantial fee to his army mate to catch Zhenya for us and torture him again by our own sadistic scenario. 

New set! Captured Kickboxer Semen. Final Part.

This time two Masters decided to torture captured Kickboxer in turn, one by one. They've chosen their favourite types of tortures: nipples clamps with weights and syringe needles. Semen's hairy chest should suffer the pain!

New nude set! Skinny Captive To Buy. Final Part.

As preliminary examination has shown this captive could endure real pain. But before we buy him we need to check it twice. So it's time to torture him with the help of Doctor with special predilection. And, first of all, we need to check his nipples and genitals to the pain tolerance. 

New set! The Guilty Guard. Final Part.

For several hours with the Doctor, the Guard experienced as much pain as he had not experienced in his entire life. The Doctor almost severed Guard's joints by stretching him on the rack and then tortured him by electricity in a stretched position. After this lesson, the Guard will never again drink vodka being on duty. 

New nude captive on our site! Newbie Slave. Part I.

We've bought this captive on the slaves market and absolutely don't know about his background. But it seemes his previous owners treated him extremely cruelly. A terrible scar on his buttock bear witness that he was previously branded with a hot iron. After our standard initiation procedures this newbie slave will experience pain again.

New set! Captured Kickboxer Semen. Part II.

When two Masters got the helpless half-naked body of straight guy they have just driven crazy. They began to rankle Semen's hairy chest and bare feet with the hot wax and different floggers. After having enjoying the torments of Semyon, Masters left him tied to the torture rack for the upcoming night. 

New captive on our site! Skinny Captive To Buy. Part I.

Our Slave's Hunter captured a new captive for us. But at first glance he seemed too skinny for us to endure the real pain. So before we'll buy him we need to check out how much pain he could withstand. 

New set! The Guilty Guard. Part II.

Every methods of corporal punishment for disobedience should contain a good flogging. Of course, we could not leave untouched a smooth skin on the Guard's torso and back. Doctor generously covered them with the whip marks. 

New set! Revenge of the Offended Sadist. Final.

As the last stages of the punishment procedures Master has chosen torso flogging and bastinado. After going through all the tortures, Offender was ready to apologize. 

New captive on our site! Captured Kickboxer Semen. Part I.

Semen is a Kickboxer. As usually  he's been training in the Gym before competition. We rented this Gym and let the guards go home. Now it's time to have some fun with Semen. 

New set! Young Captive Vadim. Final Part.

After hours of being suspended by the wrists Vadim hasn't been so stubborn and is  almost ready for the total obedience.  But some whip flogging to fix the achieved results will be quite appropriate. 

New set! Captured Secret Agent. Final Part.

As well as after previous tortures, the Secret Agent remained silent when we attached electrodes to his nipples. We saw his face expressed the real pain but he was well trained and managed to keep himself dumb. We'll leave him in our dungeon and continue to torture him untill he gives testimonies. 

New captive on our site! The Guilty Guard. Part I.

We took on a job a new Guard. His first task was to watch out for our torture tools. But he drank the Vodka and fell asleep. Now his offense will not remain without punishment. The Doctor will upbring a good employee from him! 

New set! Revenge of the Offended Sadist. Part II.

What could be more sweet than revenge? Especially revenge to the guy who offended you and now looks so defenseless. With him you can realize all of your sophisticated fantasies and turn his ass into red and bruising spot by spanking and caning. 

New set! Young Captive Vadim. Part II.

As we suspected, Vadim turned out to be very stubborn and disobedient. The more interesting it will be for us to make from him a submissive slave. And it seems that Vadim barely can endure the pain from hot wax ...

New set! Captured Secret Agent. Part II.

As we expected Secret Agent appears to be hard nut to crack. After hours he spent tied down to the cross and hardly flogged on his torso he didn't said a word until he lose consciousness. 

New nude set! Petr - The Victim of Doctor. Final Part.

Petr had already felt all kinds of pain except one of the most painful – electrodes attached to his genitals. Now the Doctor can be totally satisfied, Petr will never resist him again after these lessons of obedience.

New captive on our site! Revenge of the Offended Sadist. Part I.

Our good friend calmly walked down the street on the outskirts of the city in search of the bottom guy for the evening in the gay app on his mobile. Carried away by the searches, he did not notice the bully coming towards him and roughly pushing him... After incident, he turned to us for help. We found his offender, tied him down to the cross, gaged and blindfolded him for the revenge and punishment. 

New captive on our site! Young Captive Vadim. Part I.

For the first time we saw this young guy at the bus stop and we really liked him. We found out his name, the place where he lives and ordered our guards to capture him. It's always very interesting how does the ordinary guy will resist us and when, at last, he will become a submissive slave. 

New captive on our site! Captured Secret Agent. Part I.

This Secret Agent has been sent to us to steal the documents about our Torture Center. Agent saved them on the flash drive and safely hide. Our goal now to find out where the flash drive is. We cannot say that we will perform this task without pleasure...