New nude set! Slave on Duty. Final Part.

The last client at this sleepless night was the hotel owner, who has decided to try out how the slave on duty would satisfy the requirements of demanding customers...

New set! Slaves Auction: Vitaly. Part II.

Doctor have really enjoyed watching this endless selfsuffocating dancing of his new slave. When Doctor noticed slave's armpits were enough sweat, he entered the room with different nipples clips. The rage of the slave to Doctor even forced him for a moment to forget that he needed always keep his arms aweigh to breath normally... 

New set! Kidnapped Fighter Rasul. Final Part.

Just to finish his transformation we apply a bit of science and electrodes to his nipples. Oh, watch this manly body with its secret arabic writings contorting with pain. Watch him gasping for air after each electric shock we give him. This slow transformation from a hunter into a prey is fantastic. But we have to admit that we were a little too sure of ourselves and a little bit careless as we left him for the night. Just a little bit, but enough for him to turn table on us and remind us of his nature of a born fighter. 

New set! Captured Secret Agents. Part IV.

It looks like secret agents still don't understand that the only way to avoid further tortures is to give us information about the flash disk. Passed in the footsteps of its predecessor, the second agent continues to resist and keep silence.

New set! Slaves Auction: Artem. Final Part.

 Finally the tortures had their effect and Artem agreed to train before workout competition by the will of his new Master.

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New captive on our site! Escort Boy Denis. Part I.

When you engaged in escort service you can never be sure how your working day will end up. So Denis replied on our announcement on gay BBS about paid sexual service. Suchwise he got into the trap by our favorite way at first some strip dance then unconsciousness,  endless tortures and slavery...

New captive on our site! Slaves Auction: Vitaly. Part I.

Our first slaves auction was continued with Vitaly as a Lot. Surprisingly Vitaly has been attracted by our sadistic Doctor. After some bargaining Doctor bought him to conduct medical experiments on him!

New set! Kidnapped Fighter Rasul. Part II.

We have to admit that in Rasul we have met our match. Even our expertise in inflicting real pain and total and crushing humiliation, though successful enough, could not break him down completely. He is as arrogant and defiant as ever. But this makes our game even more interesting. As we continue we cannot oversee that his mask is cracking. He tries not to show it, but we can see real pain and, yes, real humiliation and terror in those arrogant eyes of his. We leave him beaten and bound as he tries to keep back his tears of rage, pain and humiliation.

New set! Captured Secret Agents. Part III.

These two secret agents have been trained to endure real pain. It's really hard task for us to make them talk! But we are not going to stand on ceremony with them. We hope that beatings and electrocution will help us to make the agents talk. If we not be succeed with this one we'll proceed with another and so on until they won't talk!

New set! Slaves Auction: Artem. Part II.

What can be more pleasurable than rebellious slave training when you have full range of nipples torture devices and your slave is firmly tied in stocks... It's very interesting, how much nipples pain can Artem endure before he's become submissive and will be agreed to participate workout competition to earn money for his Master? 

New nude set! Slave on Duty. Part II.

The next client for the slave on duty was Doctor. After working day he rented a room in our hotel to have some fun. Doctor has taken with him some medical devices... It is unlikely that someone will be envious to our slave on duty. He can only expect for humiliation and genital tortures for all the time of rental!

New set! Slaves Gladiators. Final Part.

The winner should not be left without a prize. And we give it to him. The prize is his fallen paragon. From now he is the winner's punch bag. The mission is to beat him unconscious and the mission is possible. We are leaving these two to watch the show from aside. And it is quite a show, we can assure you.

New captive on our site! Kidnapped Fighter Rasul. Part I.

Rasul is a fighter. It is in his blood to fight anyone, anywhere and anytime. But even this seasoned Muslim fighter feels like a fish out of the water in our secret torture chamber. And right so. He used to see the whole world as his playground and now we have him at our own playground and we are going to play hard and without any rules he used to know. We saw him walking out of a gym and simply kidnapped him. We are very good in kidnapping guys we like. He was stripped to his shorts, beaten, chained and taken to the Master. He is arrogant and tries to fight back. He despises Master's hands touching his lithe body, covered with those strange arabic writings. And so his education begins. We use all breeding tools possible, and all those beautiful torture techniques we are so good at.

New set! Captured Secret Agents. Part II.

When the second secret agent was captured we subjected him by the same interrogation procedure as the first! Unfortunately we still  didn't get any information about the memory stick. Anyway we really enjoyed whip the muscular torsos of handsome young man!

New set! Interrogation of Car Thief. Final Part.

 Realizing that tortures become more and more severe and there is no hope to avoid their continue in more sophisticated  and excruciating forms, Andrei decided to give testimonies about stolen car.

New captives on our site! Slaves Auction: Artem. Part I.

We've conducted the first auction with our new slaves Artem and Vitaly as a Lots. The Master who have bought Artem, taking into account his skills, decided to train him for the Workout Competion to earn some money. But Artem  showed his rebellious character for which immediately was punished... 

New set! Slaves Gladiators. Part II.

The match is over, but the fun goes on. The loser is charged with the most despicable of all crimes - displeasing his Master. His punishment is going to be severe. The winner is here, chained and bound, witnessing everything that may happen to him anytime too. We are good in hinting bad slaves how angry we are, and 150 lashes are just the beginning of exquisite and torturous punishment.

New captives on our site! Captured Secret Agents. Part I.

We have received an order to catch and interrogate the secret agents who had come on a mission in our city. For this purpose we even hired a Japanese cafe. But when both agents were successfully captured there is only one question. Who will be the first to talk?

New set! New Talent Sergei. Final Part.

Now, when Sergei unconditionally accepted the fact that he has become our slave, he began to show his character. During the daily whip punishment, he pretended to lose consciousness. Sergey has forgotten that we have Doctor in staff,  who has long wanted to play his nipples...