New set! Slaves Auction: Konstantin. Part II.

As a former commando Konstantin was trained to endure reinforced physical exercise and real pain. And the Master decided to check out how hardy his new slave is. As always the Master approached the matter with ingenuity and used the noose which tightened around slave's neck when he tried to relax and stand on the floor... 

New set! Incident in the University. Part II.

For disobedience to the teacher Mikhail was left stripped down to the underwear in the cage for one night. The teacher came to visit him in the morning and brought the sandwich. After Mikhail had a bite, his youthful straight sexual instincts took over him and he grabbed teacher's hip. Let's see how much electric power can Mikhail withstand for that fatal fault... 

New captive on our site! Captive from the Slaves Hunter. Part I.

Our Slaves Hunter finally have caught interesting masculine specimen for us. After some bargain we couldn't resist to buy him. Now it's time to test his wide muscular back on endurance to whip...

New nude set! One Day from Prisoner's Life. Final Part

The Genital Tortures was the last item in the anounced punishments program for the day. But not the least...s program for the day. But not the least...

New captive on our site! Slaves Auction: Konstantin. Part I.

We've bought Konstantin at the Slaves Auction. He's well built former commando and differs by the disobedience. These qualities have drawn our attention to him. Now it's time to tame him! 

New captive on our site! Incident in the University. Part I.

Let's pretend the situation that there is the University where the knowledge is obtained by means of corporal punishments and humiliation. Mikhail is the student in this University and he was not very good at writing the dictation. Moreover he has disgusting handwriting...

New set! The Defendant Yuri Safronov. Final Part.

For constant insubordination and refusing to comply of Judge demands, Yuri was punished and tortured in greater volume than was indicated in the Verdict. But nobody could expect  that Yuri conceived an escape... 

New set! One Day from Prisoner's Life. Part II.


The second point in the anounced punishments program for the day was medical tortures. They are included syringe needles insertion into chest and shoulders muscles and subsequent electrocution. 

New set! Car Thieves. Final Part - Timofey.

Finally Master has achieved his goal - he made Timofey sweat from real pain. Now all the car thieves paid dearly for their unsuccessful theft attempt. Also we still have not decided whether we leave these thieves at own slavery or resell to our respectable customers. 

New nude set! Robber Andrei in Slavery. Final Part.

What can be the most humiliating procedure for the slave? This is to make him to jerk off  during the noted time. If the slave does not fit in this time he will have another portion of punishments. But Andrei is the lucky guy... 

New set! The Defendant Yuri Safronov. Part II.

As it was clear from the very beginning, Yuri was not going to be a model prisoner. He treated the Judge with contempt for his harassments. The only answer from Yuri could be a spitting in the face of Judge... But for that he will have to pay with his own skin. 

New captive on our site! One Day from Prisoner's Life. Part I.

Anton had been imprisoned 10 years ago. Due to strict conditions of detention that was set up for him he cannot wear clothes except flaxen underpants and has to wear shackles all the time. We only can remove shackles when they interferes for other kind of punishments and tortures. Yes, Anton is subjected to tortures everyday! Every morning overseer awakes Anton up with the ice cold water bucket and the head of the prison announces the list of punishments for today... 

New set! Delivery Boy Leonid. Final Part.

To make Leonid better learned his lesson at the end of the first day exploring the pain, the Master briefly reminded him all the main classical types of pain which Leonid will have to face every day: whip flogging, stretching on the rack, nipples squeezing, electrocution... 

New set! Car Thieves. Part VIII - Timofey.

Preliminary trials have shown that Timofey is the most tolerant to pain from the captured three thieves. Now it's time to work with him separately to discover his weak points and make him scream from the real pain like  his mates previously! 

New captive on our site! The Defendant Yuri Safronov. Part I.

Yuri Safronov is accused of hooliganism for being participant in a fight that occurred during the drinking of alcoholic beverages in a small snack bar. He tried to appeal against the Verdict imposed on him by the Judge that includes imprisonment and corporal punishments. However when the Judge saw a handsome young man, he rejected Safronov's complaint in the hope of satisfying his sexual desires with him during his stay in the inner prison of the Court. 

New set! The Test Subject for Doctor. Final Part.

Our Doctor is a perfect expert in the field of pain. He knows what to do with the captives to make them lose the consciousness. But this patient turned to be extremely tolerant to pain. Despite the screams and sweating he passed all the sadistic procedures staying conscious.

New set! Delivery Boy Leonid. Part II.

Being in captivity delivery boy Leonid has to endure the pain to learn to obey his Master. Applying pain is the best method to suppress the will of the captive to resistance. 

New set! Car Thieves. Part VII - Vladimir.

This poor thief did not suspect that after all the tortures which he had to pass through no one is going to let him go. His fate is to waiting to be sold out as a slave like his mates. But the one of them is still not properly punished as he should be... 

New nude set! Robber Andrei in Slavery. Part II.

Andrei has got his punishment for coffee tray dropping. But the slaves cannot always being punished, sometimes they have to be fed! Even in the process of feeding Andrei was sloppy for that he had been sentenced to another flogging series... 

New set! The Test Subject for Doctor. Part II.

Being walking alone at the night  this ordinary guy from the edge of town could have not imagined that one day he will take part in cruel sadistic experiment, during which his nipples will be almost destroyed by the Doctor.