New nude set! Robber Andrei in Slavery. Part II.

Andrei has got his punishment for coffee tray dropping. But the slaves cannot always being punished, sometimes they have to be fed! Even in the process of feeding Andrei was sloppy for that he had been sentenced to another flogging series... 

New set! The Test Subject for Doctor. Part II.

Being walking alone at the night  this ordinary guy from the edge of town could have not imagined that one day he will take part in cruel sadistic experiment, during which his nipples will be almost destroyed by the Doctor.

New captive on our site! Delivery Boy Leonid. Part I.

When you work as a delivery boy you should be very careful with your customers. There is no coincidence in the rules of deliverymen's behavior where clearly stated the requirement never take treats from the clients. Leonid had violated the rules and paid dearly for that...

New set! Car Thieves. Part VI - Vladimir.

 It was the turn of Vladimir to get the punishment for unsuccessful attempt of car wheels theft. An endless forced physilcal exercises and flogging was only introduction for further torments prepared for him.

New set! The Military Diversionist. Final Part.

Since more or less humane methods of interrogation were previously used in vain, we had to apply the water torture on Diversionist. And even that does not make him talk! After tortures brave Diversionist found enough forces for an escape attempt... 

New captive on our site! The Test Subject for Doctor. Part I.

By the order of Doctor this guy was caught right on the street and delivered to the test laboratory. He is needed for Doctor as another one statistic material in the pain endurance experiments... 

New set! Taming of the Beast. Final Part.

Even being almost unconscious Gleb tried to resist the Master. But prolonged suspension by the hands and feet, flogging and bastinado nevertheless forced Gleb to be submissive and kneel down by the wish of the Master.

New set! Car Thieves. Part V - Kirill.

Doctor worshipped every single muscle on Kirill's massive body but he did it his own way with applying some pain. Also he didn't forget about the soles and nipples. Kirill tried to resist, but it was quite useless, because he was firmly bound and stretched on the rack. His responsiveness only became more and more exciting for the Doctor. 

New set! The Military Diversionist. Part II.

When you need to get a confess from the captive there are no bad methods. The best of them are nipples electrocution and batinado. The stubborn diversionist didn't deserved any mercy! His beefy body has many reserves to endure the most cruel tortures. 

New nude set! Robber Andrei in Slavery. Part I.

By the wish of the Master, Andrei become his personal slave. And the Master wanted him to serve as a coffee table. Deliberately or accidentally but Andrei dropped the coffee from his back to the Master. For this he can expect another series of cruel punishments and tortures. 

New set! Taming of the Beast. Part II.

Being unable to tame Gleb, Master invited Doctor to help him. After several less successful attempts Doctor finally made Gleb screaming in pain... 

New set! Car Thieves. Part IV - Kirill.

Until now we have punished these miserable thieves together. It's time to deal with each of them separately. Each of Masters have choosen his favorite thief. Doctor choose Kirill... 

New set! Pain Experiment with Athlete. Final Part.

The last experiment with Anton's  pain endurance was electrocution. After the experiment has been completed Doctor will process the results of his research. 

New captive on our site! The Military Diversionist. Part I.

Once again we've caught the diversionist whose mission was to install transmitters  in our torture center. Now he can experience all the tortures on himself if he won't confess...

New captive on our site! Taming of the Beast. Part I.

We don't know for sure the true story of Gleb's enslaving. His previous Master, who've sold  Gleb, told us that Gleb formerly served in the rebellion troops, then he was captured and sold into slavery. Gleb retained his rebellious character and the previous owner had a hard time to deal with it. Well ... Now the challenge of taming this beast is standing in front of us!

New set! Car Thieves. Part III.

The next punishing procedure for the car thieves was nipple tortures. Doctor squeeze their nipples in all possible ways. And of course Doctor chose his favorite thief among them. With him he will work separately with a special predilection but a little later... 

New set! Pain Experiment with Athlete. Part II.

As Doctor have noticed Anton doesn't endure pain loadings as good as sporting. The experiments with him to be continued... 

New set! Rent-a-Body V. Mikhail. Final Part.

We have shown the wonders of sadistic ingenuity to make the suffering of Mikhail unbearable. But he bravely endured all the trials and we had to pay him the promised reward.

New nude set! Medical Experiment with Slave Denis.

In our dungeon we have a big variety of slaves of any kinds. It provides Doctor with the test subjects for his sadistic experiments. This time Doctor chose slave Denis who  formerly was an escort boy 'cause he has massive muscles to insert syringe needles. 

New set! The Punishment for Sergeant. Final Part.

Introduction into pain would be incomplete for Sergeant without the torture on the rack. Beside this, Overseer flogged already marked with stripes from whip Sergent's torso to achieve the maximum effect. We doubt that after these series of punishments Sergeant will ever want to help prisoners.