New set! Captured Plumber. Final Part.

The Plumber tried to resist us at first and endured all the tortures with dignity but after a good whipping and hours at the torture horse he agreed to be submissive slave and even ready to take off his underwear! 

New set! Slaves Competition II. Part IV.

After a good whipping, slaves' torture should be continued. Being enslaved for many years slaves still didn't understand that there is no escape from slavery! So we need to explain them once again our rules in a simple form which is most understandable for slaves. Obviously this form is a pain! 

New set! Fake Photoshooting. Part II.

Photographer ordered Overseer to make Danila suffer as much pain as he could endure to make the most beautiful shot of pain... 

New captive on our site! Captured Paratrooper. Part I.

Yet another prisoner of war was delivered to our Torture Centre to be interrogated. In accordance with the Agreement we have to get the information from him. But Agreement doesn't contain the items about what to do with Paratrooper after we get the testimonies...

New set! Captured Plumber. Part II.

Despite the fact that Plumber has already understood that he will be subjected to daily mistreatment and tortures, he is not ready to be a submissive slave yet. So his torments will be continued until we get the total submission from him!

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New set! Slaves Competition II. Part III.

After the brutal suppression of escape attempt the Overseer was very unhappy that he had to share the fate of slaves. So now he will punish them with a special predilection! 

New captive on our site! Fake Photoshooting. Part I.

We are constantly searching for the new talents to be posted at our website.  To find another good-looking male model we proposed photoshooting on "Time For Prints" principles. And that was exactly what Danila was looking for. However, he should be more careful when accepting free offers... 

New nude set! From the Robber to Slavery. Final Part.

When the Robber was successfully enslaved, stripped and chained down, it's time to have some fun! It's happened so that Andrei was liked by the Master and maybe this time he will make an exception and keep him as a personal slave. 

New captive on our site! Captured Plumber. Part I.

In searching for the new slaves this time we organized kidnapping of the ordinary plumber. Now our first task is to train him for discipline and submission. 

Instagram update! New free videos from the last shooting!

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New set! Slaves Competition II. Part II.

 As the slave number 2 had lost the competition, his punishment has not long to coming! The slave number 1 nevertheless has got deserved meal. But it seems we shouldn't have to be too fair in play with slaves. They will never voluntarily comply with our rules! Unfortunately for them they didn't know about the security measures that we have taken for the escape case...

New set! Captured Secret Agents. Final Part.

After the second Agent had passed through all the torments of the first and still not gave us the desired information, we decided to carry out a confrontation between them. For this purpose we left Agents tied together back to back at the basement floor...

New set! From the Robber to Slavery. Part II.

When Andrei's silky skin was enough covered by the whipmarks, Master proceed with the bastinado torture. But only nipples electrocution has led to the totally submissiveness and slave's willingness to take off the underwear! 

New set! Escort Boy Denis. Final Part.

Could that poor escort boy has ever assumed that regular meeting with the client will result in slavery. And not just a simple slavery, but slavery in pain! And it looks like after sophisticated nipples tortures, he is ready to be an exemplary slave for his Master...

New set! Slaves Auction: Vitaly. Final Part.

During his experiments Doctor found out every weak point at Vitaly's body and with unconcealed excitement affected on them. He watched the suffering and realized that once again he managed to suppress the pride of the slave...

New captives on our site! Slaves Competition II. Part I.

 Nikolai and Mikhail have been enslaved many times ago. Formerly Nikolai was a soldier and Mikhail was a worker, but who does it care now? Now they are our slaves and we can do with them whatever we want! We assigned them numbers "1" and "2" and decided to carry out the competition with them in which the winner will have a meal and the looser will be punished...

New captive on our site! From the Robber to Slavery. Part I.

Being catched on burglary Andrei got in a more sophisticated trap invented by us. Under the pretext of signing the Confession he has signed the Agreement of Slavery for a one year period ... 

New set! Captured Secret Agents. Part V.

Even realizing that his accomplice has been already captured by us, secret agent continued keep silence despite on our creativeness in torture techniques. Now he tasted almost all kinds of pain. But what about his mate?!

New set! Escort Boy Denis. Part II.

When Denis body had enough suffering from prolonged hands suspension, Master came to him to introduce the new types of pain such as flogging and nipples abusing... And it looked like Master managed to achieve his goal - make his new slave sweat from pain!