New set! Judo Fighter Oleg. Final Part.

We have done a great job to make a submissive slave of Judo Oleg. He couldn't withstand electric torture despite of all his wasted efforts. But Master didn't achieve complete submissiveness from him, that is why Oleg will perform physical exercises by Master's orders being chained down and under Guard's supervision. 

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New set! Captured Hitchhiker. Final Part.

After much torments and sufferings Captured Hitchhiker still tried to resist us. But all off our previous efforts directed to make submissive slave from him were not wasted.  After ballbusting torture he agreed to be obedient and was handed to his Master. 

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New captive on our site! Bearded POW. Part I.

During the existence of our torture center, we developed our own interrogation technique for the Prisoners Of War. First of all we need to break the will of prisoner. For this purpose his Assault Troops' vest must be teared off right on him. To check how agonizing the tortures was for the victim you should note his sweat. The sweat always means severe pain. A really pleasant moment in our new story that this bearded POW is handsome and musculine young man. 

New set! Especially Dangerous Criminal-2. Part I.

We hope that our loyal Customers are remember the Dangerous Criminal that had been already tortured under Doctror's supervision. His next days, being imprisoned, will be full of tortures that he hardly manage himself to endure! 

New set! Judo Fighter Oleg. Part II.

As we could see from the very beginning Oleg did not differ by the submissive character. That is why we decided to add the ordinary punishment program by fire torture. After the night over the candles Oleg may become obedient but the smooth skin on his back will never be the same. 

New set! Captured Hitchhiker. Part II.

Our Shibari Maestro can suspend the captive in any position, sometimes very uncomfortable and painful. All of this only in order to make the Hitchhiker suffer for the Master's pleasure and, ultimately, force him to complete and unconditional submission. 

New nude set! Newbie Slave. Final Part.

The Doctor really liked the Newbie Slave and he offered to safe him from pain in exchange for intimacy. But fortunately for our Customers the Slave have refused... 

New set! Slave Zhenya Captured Again. Final Part.

We put a very difficult task before Zhenya's army mate. He needed to make Zhenya feel the pain, but not something ordinary. He had to make Zhenya suffer like he never felt before. And we must to addmit that Balaclava guy performed the task successfully! 

New captive on our site! Judo Fighter Oleg. Part I.

Oleg is Judo Fighter. As usual our Guards captured him right on the training, tied him down and delivered to the dungeon. But Oleg was not ready just to submit his fate. He attempted to escape and was subjected to severe punishment by the whip for that.

New captive on our site! Captured Hitchhiker. Part I.

We do not cease to invent new ways of finding captives. This time we instructed a specially trained person to look for handsome hitch-hikers standing on the roadside in anticipation of passing cars... 

New nude set! Newbie Slave. Part II.

Every our new slave should pass through all the kinds of pain. There is no exception! Now it's turn of this newbie to endure the electric pain on all of his bodyparts.

New set! Slave Zhenya Captured Again. Part I.

Our loyal customers have perfectly known slave Zhenya. We have to be honest that we couldn't properly whatch him up because somehow we lost the interest to him and he ran away from us. But we found out  that Zhenya has joined the army where he obtained the perfect physical form. So, we paid substantial fee to his army mate to catch Zhenya for us and torture him again by our own sadistic scenario. 

New set! Captured Kickboxer Semen. Final Part.

This time two Masters decided to torture captured Kickboxer in turn, one by one. They've chosen their favourite types of tortures: nipples clamps with weights and syringe needles. Semen's hairy chest should suffer the pain!

New nude set! Skinny Captive To Buy. Final Part.

As preliminary examination has shown this captive could endure real pain. But before we buy him we need to check it twice. So it's time to torture him with the help of Doctor with special predilection. And, first of all, we need to check his nipples and genitals to the pain tolerance. 

New set! The Guilty Guard. Final Part.

For several hours with the Doctor, the Guard experienced as much pain as he had not experienced in his entire life. The Doctor almost severed Guard's joints by stretching him on the rack and then tortured him by electricity in a stretched position. After this lesson, the Guard will never again drink vodka being on duty. 

New nude captive on our site! Newbie Slave. Part I.

We've bought this captive on the slaves market and absolutely don't know about his background. But it seemes his previous owners treated him extremely cruelly. A terrible scar on his buttock bear witness that he was previously branded with a hot iron. After our standard initiation procedures this newbie slave will experience pain again.

New set! Captured Kickboxer Semen. Part II.

When two Masters got the helpless half-naked body of straight guy they have just driven crazy. They began to rankle Semen's hairy chest and bare feet with the hot wax and different floggers. After having enjoying the torments of Semyon, Masters left him tied to the torture rack for the upcoming night. 

New captive on our site! Skinny Captive To Buy. Part I.

Our Slave's Hunter captured a new captive for us. But at first glance he seemed too skinny for us to endure the real pain. So before we'll buy him we need to check out how much pain he could withstand.