Great News for RCB Fans! Our videos from years 2012...2014 are online again.

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We are glad to anounce that our videos dated 2012...2014 years are online again now at retailclips.com


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New captive on our site! Interrogation of the Hooligan. Part I.

This young guy is an ordinary hooligan. He is suspected of participating in a fight. In addition, from the apartment in which the fight occurred, valuable things were missing. The hooligan was caught and taken to our torture center for interrogation. 

New set! The Taming of a Stallion. Part II.

The next stages in preparing stallion from striptease dancer were chest flogging, wax torture and finally —Āleaning him with an iron brush like a real stallion... 

New set! Unusual Gym Training. Final Part.

The Master did his best to make the third day of pain for Alexey the hardest. Bastinado and electricity completely exhausted Alexei. But now the debt for the Gym renting is paid off. 

New captive on our site! Especially Dangerous Criminal. Part I.

In order to use the prison facilities of our Torture Center as best as possible, we began to keep especially dangerous criminals in it. The day routine of such dangerous prisoners entirely consists of tortures. We do not know exactly what crime this offender committed, but we know our task precisely. Do not give him a single minute without suffer. We even hired the former Military Diversionist who had gladly agreed to our proposal. It is noteworthy, that after the confessions he cannot go back to the people who sent him to us. 

New nude set! The Military Diversionist II. Final Part.

The stubbornness of the Diversionist allowed us to fully enjoy of his torments. But there are some things that couldn't endure even such brave muscle guys. Now it's time for getting testimonies from him. 

New captive on our site! The Taming of a Stallion. Part I.

The Master has invited the striptease dancer who dancing for lustful housewives. The Dancer was worried a lot when in spite of another housewife he was met by a man. But we put his vigilance to sleep... Now the Master will train a real stallion out of him! 

New set! Unusual Gym Training. Part II.

Already on the second day in pain Alexey was driven to tears by his cruel Master. But in order to pay for the gym Alexey has to endure another one day, no matter how difficult it may be... 

New nude set! Captured Hacker. Final Part.

All of this is very strange, but the hacker turned to be a hard nut to crack. A possible reason for this may be the promised money for his silence. But we know these types of pain that no one would suffer or bear for any money! 

New nude set! The Military Diversionist II. Part II.

After spending a few hours being hanged by his wrists and punished as punching bag Diversionist was transferred into the hands of our Doctor. Only Doctor knows what should be done with the stubborn beefy heroes to make them talk. When standard nipples' torture procedure was ended there were no choice for Doctor as proceed to the genital tortures... 

New set! Young Offender Pavel Again. Final Part.

When all the possible types of pain were applied to Pavel, Master have already tired of torturing him. If he cannot get from him desirable sexual consent, he can choose any other slave from the Dungeon to start this endless game again from the very beginning. 

New captive on our site! Unusual Gym Training. Part I.

Alexey is engaged in Judo. He rents a hall from us for his sport activities. But often he doesn't  have enough money to pay for the gym then he gets an unusual offer to pay for gym by the pain endurance during three days... 

New set! Captured Hacker. Part II.

Surprisingly for us the Hacker turns to be much tougher than strong muscular guys in pain endurance. So we have no choice but proceed with his genitals... 

New set! The Military Diversionist II. Part I.

Fortunately for us we were able to prevent an escape attempt. The Diversionist will suffer deserved punishment for it and we know the ways how to drive even such tough guys like him to tears by the pain... 

New set! Young Offender Pavel Again. Part II.

It's a big pleasure to have the Dungeon with a plenty of slaves in it. You can choose any slave and do with him whatever you want. Since Pavel had been captured quite a long time ago he's almost absolutely submissive but anyway he tried to save his straightness before the Master. 

New set! Male Model Maxim. Final Part.

Despite all the tortures and sufferings which Maxim was subjected by the Master he still doesn't agree to take sexual encroachments. But the Master have enough time to make Maxim his favourite sex slave and if on the way to obedience he'll need to apply severe pain it will be even more pleasant for him. 

New nude set! Slave Denis Again. Part I.

In order to earn some money on his slave, the Master forced  Denis to dance striptease  before his friend's eyes. His friend is a former military and loves to torture the slaves cruelly. So after applying a brutal pain Denis began to complain and the Master will continue his training... 

New captive on our site! Captured Hacker. Part I.

To find out the secrets of our Torture Center computer hacker was sent to us. He was caught in the act while he tried to crack our data base. He will be subjected to the most cruel tortures 'cause we certainly need to reveal who is standing behind him and all the diversionists who had been sent to us earlier. 

New set! Young Offender Pavel Again. Part I.

In our captivity currently are more than a thousand of the prisoners. To remember who are imprisoned, Master periodically looks at personal files of the prisoners. That way he found a case of Pavel who was arrested on suspicion of robbing the store.  It has been almost two years since the last time when Master interrogated him. Pavel was left as a slave. And now the time has come to remind the slave Pavel about his duties.

New set! Captive from the Slaves Hunter. Final.

 Master just couldn't stop himself in torturing muscular torso of his tied helpless slave because slave's nipples and armpits are the most attractive zones for electrocution. Fortunately for the slave, the first day in the captivity was coming to an end but the years of imprisonment are yet to come...